Imagining life without smartphones in this high-tech era is practically impossible.  Smartphones and other tech devices are helpful, fun and very important gadgets for the too busy business owners, the tech-savvy youngsters and just for almost everyone else in the entire world. However, for all their usefulness and various benefits, these devices do not come without their share of few problems.  In simple terms, tech devices can also suffer and you as a smart user need to be well prepared for it.

Thankfully, the most common issues of today’s tech devices can be overcome, or in most of the cases at least minimized to some extent. These issues are quite normal to every smartphone user, but the important thing is to get rid of them as soon as possible, instead of complaining of the same.


Usually, there is no issue that characterized a device. There is no denying the fact that they function exceptionally better on various technical aspects, but issues with smartphones like overheating, slowing down or battery problems are quite common.

For a smartphone user, it’s quite natural to experience any kind of smartphone issues. In order to tackle these issues effectively, every smartphone user should have an idea about these common issues.

Let’s take a look at some common smartphone issues:


With big screens, impressive graphics, and favorite application, there is no doubt that people these days are always glued to their smartphones 24 hours a day. The way present high-tech generation is into digital platforms, updating, and other online tasks related to internet, even some expensive branded smartphones can experience a poor battery standby. Battery problems are quite common in smartphones. Few common battery issues are slow charging, battery drain and “system hogging” apps.


No matter, whether you download your favorite mobile applications and often overcharge your devices, even the too costly branded handsets can face tremendous problems due to overheating. Overheating can also cause other sorts of issues, from random power, offs to slow-down performance and frequent freezes.  So, try to be kinds to your handset in such drastic situations. Turn off your phone and let it relax and cool down for some time. Also, you can take the battery out, in extreme cases. Your smartphone will thank you.


Well, this is a quite common issue with all handsets, as the screens for most smartphones are usually made of glass. It’s not only because the device mistakenly slips from your hand and the screen shatters, but sometimes screen replacements can pinch the pocket a great deal. In order to avoid such terrible accidents, a high-quality mobile screen protector and case can definitely help to protect your handset.

So, these were the three most common smartphone issues every user deal with unnecessary. If you have issues with a broken laptop, smartphone or tablet, get in touch with Tech bar for quality help!