Laptops are perhaps the most popular tech working gadget in this digital era. Laptops are just like other tech-gadgets that comes with a shelf life. A laptop also comes with a specific lifespan which may vary for every device. Mostly the high -tech devices have strong run sometimes and that completely depends on the brand and the way it’s being used. A laptop is something most of the people use every day, but hardly think if or not they use it in an appropriate manner.

Many users often take their laptops for granted. Well, it’s quite depressing but true. In this digital era, people depend on laptops and other tech devices so heavily, that they often completely forget what can happen when these devices stop functioning. However, even the minor carelessness can greatly influence its overall operation and further lead to serious and expensive damage.

Our highly experienced technicians at Tech Bar will help you know how to handle your laptop in an appropriate way to prolong its life. Beware of and try to avoid this three not-to -things that can kill your laptop.


Well, many pet owners might find it funny when their loving pets climb onto their laptops. They must be doing to help their work, but it’s better not to encourage this kind of behavior. Pets such as cats are usually attracted to the warmth of the device, but by allowing them to climb there,  can get their fur into the laptop’s fans. As a result, this can lead to overheating and completely ruin its operations. Also, avoid eating or drinking anything in front of your laptop while working on it. The bits of food can get trapped into the keyboard and entice cockroaches and ants there further creating issues in the laptop.


What you bought an antivirus program like 3 years ago? That’s the only reason you have not noticed anything amiss. You urgently need to update your software. Just like your apps and Operating System, an antivirus program also demand an upgrade on a regular basis. If you do not have the latest version of an antivirus program, your laptop is straightforward just asking to be hacked.


If you have a habit of not shutting down your laptop, then you should change it as soon as possible. You should never leave the device running in case you are not using it. The constant work can wear out the hard drive and other internal components of your laptop, that can even ruin the cooling system as well. Due to an urgent work, if you are using the device many times a day, you should use the Sleep mode.

So, avoiding these three not-to-do things is the best to prolong the life of your laptop. So, take care of your laptop. The better you will treat your device, the better you will get treated.

To know more how can you keep your devices safe, get into a conversation with our highly skilled technicians.