It is not necessary that the package contains what it’s label says. Things are concealed from the customers most of the times in almost all industries by all sorts of service providers. When going to a computer repair shop, things are no different if you are a new customer. Of course it’s not easier to deceive an old customer or someone who has come through a referral. But here are some facts that probably every computer repair shop, be it a recognized or a non-recognized one, are not telling you directly and try to get by these acts. Knowing these 3 things will help you decide on a computer repair shop which is an opposite of these. Look for a verified repair center that has a lot of customer reviews. Ones without any reviews are either out of business or having garnered to a satisfied customer base.

1. Most of them don’t take data loss responsibility

Before giving your computer for repair, make sure you backup your data. In case your computer is in a dead state and the data is inaccessible, then all you can do is only hope for the best. As, unless you had created a prior backup for data at some other storage spot, your computer repair service provider cannot be held responsible for its loss after or during the repair. Most computer repair services take care of your data once it is accessible by backing it up first and then carrying out the repair work. While you cannot always rely on others to backup your data for you, ask your repair technician if they would take the responsibility to backup your data once accessible. If they clarify that they don’t take responsibility of the same, it is better to move on to another repair center.

2. They might not be certified

A computer repair center does not need a license to operate, but to carry out reliable and satisfactory services it definitely needs certified technicians. Trained and experienced technicians are necessary if you want a guaranteed repair. It is due to lack of training and expertise that most computer repair shops might not give you a guaranteed and warranted repair service. As a customer who will be paying for the service you are entitled to ask whether the technicians are certified and what certifications do they hold.

3. They probably outsourced your repair to someone else

Chances are the repair shop you hired does not have technicians at all, or the one’s they have are not currently available. In such scenarios nobody wants to lose business hence, they might have assured you of a repair but have probably outsourced this repair job to someone in another state or city. Other than that, it might be that the repair work needs more technical expertise which can be one of the reasons why a computer repair shop might outsource your device’s repair work.