Do you need to know how to repair a water damaged phone? If your phone is already wet, the clock is ticking, so I’m name everything you should do immediately.

First and foremost, dry it off with a towel or paper towel. All the remedies in the world won’t work if your phone isn’t dry first. If it fell in the ocean, or salt water for some reason, make sure you carefully rinse off the salt water first. If you have a phone case, take it off. If thy body of your device is detachable, then remove it, or shake the device if it isn’t. Your sim card and memory card will be fine unless they are heated up while still wet.

Now For 3 Ways to Protect your device from water damage.

Keep it Away From Water

No joke, but the easiest way to keep it dry is to never have your phone near water. If you don’t live near a beach, this might be easy. But many people pay for water damage repair Miami and other tropical areas. More beach prevention later, but everyone should avoid taking their device with them to the bathroom. If you’re at home, read a book if you absolutely need to read something while on the throne. If you’re in a public place, either leave it with a trustworthy friend or have it in your hand when you arrive in the restroom. Many women will put their smartphone in the back pocket of their jeans, but this increases the risk of it falling into the toilet, especially when rushing. If your child has to use the restroom, hold on to their phone for them. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you are constantly exposed to rain, invest in a great raincoat, and avoid putting your phone in a pocket that is facing the rain. It doesn’t take long for the rain to ruin a phone, and unless you’re heading indoors, your chances of getting it dry quick enough to save are low.

Properly Store Before Going Near Water

While you can lower your chances of your phone getting wet by reducing its chances of being near water. There will always be instances when you won’t have a choice. In these situations, you’ll need a few everyday items and you’ll be fine. A plastic baggie is perfect if you’re at the beach and want to keep water and sand out of your phone. And you can still use your phone while it’s in the bag. You can also use an empty jar of peanut butter or something like that. Or you can get a waterproof case. While you can find one for under $10, it wouldn’t hurt to get the best waterproof case you can afford. And it’s better to get a case instead of needing water damage repair Miami.

Back Up Your Data

You should periodically do it. Years ago it was a hassle, but nowadays, you can backup your phone quickly and painlessly. You can recover your data not only if it’s water damage. but also if you lose your phone or it’s stolen. Insurance will replace your phone, but not what’s on it so, please back up your phone’s data.

If all else fails, you can find Water Damage Repair Miami or in other major cities. People in remote areas might need a new phone if this doesn’t fix their phone.