Buying new technology is not a cheap deal it actually cost you decent amount of money. That everyone wants to utilize by taking out most from the device,  repairing or replacing can disappoint anybody as nobody wants to go through this phrase.

Whenever you are setting up a printer in office or at home, there are chances that you may end up making mistakes while configuring the device. A smallest issue can create several problem in printer.

If you are noticing an issue like slow performance, low quality prints or a less effective smoothness in the device. Then, there are fix of this problems which can solve your issues right on point.

Let’s just discuss some common problems that usually occur in printer and their fix :-

Failed connection

Sometimes printer couldn’t able to print the paper or files which are inserted on it for a print. This error mostly occur when computer is not properly connected to the printing device.  If the printer is connected to pc through wires then check whether the cable is connected to pc port perfectly or not also look for fault in it. In case, you are owning wireless printer then reconfigure settings or install all the necessary drivers of the system that are missing out and may be causing the issue.

Blank sheet ejected

I have heard most of the people complaining about blank sheet coming out from printer which was deliberately inserted to print. This is the most common issue that people face generally with their printers. In this case, machine sometimes do not even display any kind of error. To resolve this issue check the device settings in control panel of your computer system. After that, ensure whether the printing preferences are accurately positioned or not.

Slow performance

I will be misleading you if i’ll say every printer is same and made with same kind of technology. Laser jet printers are faster than inkjet one as it is much newer and latest technology in trend. Still, if you’re facing all of the sudden a drastic performance reduction in your printer then it might be due to the long period of usage or frequent printing load.  You have one option to fix the problem, go to settings and adjust the properties of your printer by switching to normal mode from high quality printing. The quality will not get reduced to worst instead it will make your printer performance smoother.

Paper jam

Not at all an uncommon problem, very few printers display sign of error whenever it face paper jamming. Most of the times you have to figure out the problem on your own by checking paper tray. So, in case you are wondering fix of the issue then let me tell you it has the most simplest solution of the problem. Just take out the paper tray and align it suitably in order to avoid the problem. After fixing the paper tray, if you still encounter the problem then just gently take out the paper and insert it as per shape of the tray.

Everything in this world has its own pros and cons same it is with printers. You need to maintain the device in order to keep the device in running condition for long. In case of printers, many issues may occur due to the heavy load of printing on the device.