Realizing your laptop or computer might be infected with a malware or virus is quite worrying. As far as laptop maintenance and repair goes, virus removal is one of the leading reason people usually seek out for a repair technician. Many times it is unavoidable, but we at TechBar want our customers as prepared as possible to prevent such a terrific disaster from occurring. After Checking and curing more than thousands of infected laptops and computers, our qualified technicians determine that most viruses are caught in similar ways. However, with decisive and careful action, removing a virus is easier and quicker than you might think.

It is not always necessary that your laptop or computer is infected. A few warning signs that your laptop or PC might have a virus are:

  • An extremely slow running laptop or computer
  • Pop-up messages seem to appear
  • The constant sound of hard drive

Anyone the above symptoms might be caused by a virus. If you are also experiencing any of or all them at the same time, then that is a strong indication that you have got a virus in your laptop.

Here is a list of four hidden ways your laptop can contact a virus :


Most infected viruses come into your laptop or PC in the form of email attachments or links and can infect your PC or laptop as soon as you click on them. Moreover, if you receive an email that has nonsense words in the subject line or it consists of a link, deletes it immediately. This can happen even if you know the sender, whose account was hacked without their knowledge.


If you have an antivirus program installed on your laptop, then it will catch the majority of inconspicuous viruses initially. However, it is still necessary to run scans on a daily basis to thoroughly check an infected virus has not entered into the operating system of your laptop or PC.


Most of the pop-up advertisements contain harmful or malicious coding that can easily infect your laptop if you clicked on them accidentally. To prevent these pop-ups from entering your laptop screen, you must change the settings of your browser in order to disable all pop-ups.


People these days love to surf the internet world. But what many of them forget is that it can be harmful. Some sites are so unsafe and infected that you don’t even need to download or click anything to be infected by them because just visiting the page or site can be enough to infect your laptop. So, you should be careful about which sites or pages you visit, and should keep your anti-virus software up to date.

To sum up, by going through the above-given information you can certainly reduce your laptop’s risks of obtaining a virus. If you think your laptop or Pc may be infected by an inconspicuous virus, contact us immediately and our expert technicians will fix your problem.