Macs have become more common than before with users still switching between Windows and Apple’s Operating Systems. With the modern macOS Mojave in the market today, the Mac can do much more than what you think. More so, Mac comprises of all the tools required to perform any task eliminating the need for third-party applications while others have touch monitors accompanied by services from Touch Screen Replacement Miami. Below are the top Mac tips you should try on your device and explore great features it offers.

1. Taking Screenshots

Most laptop and computer brands accompany their products with screenshot capabilities with functions such as PrtSc to capture a specific part. Some keyboards, however, may not be compatible with providing shortcuts hence the need for third party apps which are more of a hassle.

But on Mac, the procedure is streamlined with quick and straightforward methods of capturing your screen. If you need a portion of the screen, the shortcut is Cmd+Shift+4 while the entire screen uses Cmd+Shift+3 function. In case you have problems viewing your monitor due to damages, acquire Touch Screen Replacement Miami services to capture the specified part of your screen.

2. Renaming Batches Of Files

Renaming hundreds of files individually is much tedious and time consuming hence the need for a single renaming option. Mac provides a tool that enables you to rename all the files at once without the need to acquire third-party apps such as Automator.

Renaming multiple files entails selecting a specified group of folders and right-click or click on the icon on Finder Windows and select Rename from the drop-down. The Mac will display three options; add, replace or applying the text to the selected files. Replacing text is the best options as you can quickly update the existing file names.

3. Running Windows On Apple Devices

Mac allows you to run Microsoft Windows which is more surprising but popular among Mac users. Similarly, you can operate Windows tools and applications which are not compatible with macOS. There are two options in utilizing both macOS and Windows; you can either run them together with a virtualization application such as Parallel Desktop or conduct hard drive partitioning for each OS. Partitioning is the most common, and the process involves opening the Application folder and navigating to Utilities. Select Boot Camp which will partition your machine at a specific ratio splitting windows and Mac.

4. Adding Signatures Online

Adding a signature on digital documents and PDFs is time-consuming at it entails printing, scanning and uploading it back to the system. Mac provides a tool that enables you to sign documents or PDFs online but ensure your monitor has a good monitor or seek Touch Screen Replacement Miami for servicing.

Mac has two options of adding your signature; you can drag your document or PDF into the mail and click on a small button which would provide multiple tools thus select signing documents. Another option is through signing on a plain white paper and displaying it on the webcam or drawing on trackpad where the Mac will save it and apply on your document.