Imagine your PC or Laptop accidently broke down or suddenly  stopped working  and you have no other choice left but to send it for repair. Do you think it is alright to just hand over to someone without thinking about what type of content and stuff remains inside it. Obviously  the answer is big NO. It is always better to send your laptop or PC to a trusted and certified repair center. A bad intentioned repair person can install spying tools or install malware software and can even find out your private information.

In this digital advanced era, almost everyone has a computer or laptop; in fact most of the people own more than one. Every person sends or receives emails. And use internet for researching, social networking, downloading movies, games or songs, and doing other things online. You can see why a Laptop or computer has become a necessity for people more than luxury these days.

Before you simply send or handover your system or laptop to anyone for repair, there are some of  few critical  precautions you must take before doing that. Below is a list of some precautions you need to take before sending your PC or lappy for repair.

1. Put Sensitive Data and Information in the cloud

Official work can call you anytime. Sometimes in emergency situations, you have work while your laptop or computer is in repair shop or center. So, make sure that the useful files and other data t you may require for current project are  already in the folder of Dropbox, cloud storage or onedrive. That way, you can access the files on another system. You can also sync changes to your PC or laptop automatically when you get it back.

2. Make your Laptop or PC accessible

Next precaution you should take is, allowing repair person to access to your Laptop or PC. The repair person will obviously need to boot your laptop or PC before he/she start their work. Rather than sharing your password with them, disable the option of windows’ login password.

3. Remove all Sensitive information

Before hand over your laptop or PC to someone for repair, delete all the sensitive information from your system. Delete all the folders or  files containing your bank account information , your CVV, PIN, tax forms and other details related to your bank accounts, which can be easily hacked or accessed easily. Remove all porn or seductive images or videos you may unintentionally or intentionally may have downloaded. Of Course you don’t want the whole world to know about it. Also, don’t forget to delete your personal photos or videos, that can also be misused.

4. Backup

Backup all your important files and data to SSD or external hard drive. Backup could be done manually or you can also use free backup software. You can also do this on a regular basis, to avoid using important data and information.

The above mentioned are some precautions you need to take before you send or handover your Laptop or any device to someone for repair. If you are looking for best laptop or computer repair services, get in touch with us,