Struggling to make a space for new app or a game you so wanted to have in your phone but due to no space you can’t? Stop reading if you do not relate to this, Every time when you try to click a picture or open video camera for recording, suddenly a message pop up on your display that says you don’t have enough space for this and finally you end up frustrated whole day just because your phone “do not have disk space”.

I’am totally agreed with this fact that phone can irritate us to the point which our most hated person can’t. But what to do how to manage storage in phone?  

There are few simple things that can help you to manage storage of your smartphone in ease. Here are 4 ways through which you can tackle your smartphone storage simply :-

1. Clear cache

Most of the android app use cache to provide their users better experience of their app. It allow user to save little time and also mobile data, but the files and folders created by the app is not necessary to keep up with. Clear the cache, your mobile is holding in mb’s. as for ios users they can clear their website and browsing data in settings by clicking on safari option.

2. Back up photos

Create backup of your photos and videos on google backup if you are a android user, if you have ios then create an icloud id to store your documents secure in it. If you have more number of files then icloud holds in its space then you can also extend the size of its storage by making a purchase on apple store.    

3. Prefer streaming

Instead of downloading music, movies, videos go for streaming option. There are variety of apps available on google play and apple store which streams movies and has option of listening to music without downloading. This will save huge amount of space of your phone.

4. Memory card or wireless storage

People with the Phone that accepts memory card have option to buy inexpensive memory card for the storage of their photos and videos. Android users with above 6.0 version (marshmallow) have adoptable option which allow to convert  external storage into internal storage through which all your files will be downloaded into your external memory automatically. Ios users have two options either they shift all their files into computer through itunes or purchase wireless stick that transfers file from phone to computer or vice versa.

These are just 4 simple steps that will do the job in least amount of time and money. Follow us for more blog like this. Do leave your reviews and feedbacks below, as we need your support to provide our best to you.