Tablets are really awesome devices. A major reason why people like tablets is because they are lightweight, portable and make good e-readers, as compared to PC or laptops. People who are constantly on the go, will understand the importance of a tablet. They are perfect for both lying on the bed while watching a series or sitting at a desk getting work done. However, that does not mean they are without their issues.

As tablets are becoming more popular day by day, At TechBar, our Repair Technicians have noticed that, common issues can be fixed down.

Here are five of the most common issues our technicians fix for people on a daily basis:

Issue 1: Storage Space

The most common issue heard from a tablet user is that, they go out of memory space very soon. Tablets do not have the storage capacity than most laptops, so you cannot store your entire digital life on them without facing storage issues. To keep your tablet clean, go through all the apps and install that you don’t need. Also, you can make the use of cloud storage such as Dropbox or Drive to store your files instead.

Issue 2:  Dirty Screens

Touchscreens are awesome, except when they get dirty. Regardless of how much you sanitize your hands, sweat and other natural oils in your skin can leave a bad mark on the tablet screen. With time your display will soon have a big spot, unless you do something about it. With a little daily clean up, you can easily take care of the screen.

Issue 3:  Shorter Life Span

Mostly tablets have a shorter lifespan, as compared to other smartphones and laptops. Tablets usually perform well for maximum upto two years, after which if its software is not updated, it requires constant repair. This is one of the most common issues related to tablet.

Issue 4: Battery Problems

The battery constitutes one of the commonest issues people experience with tablets. These issues are slow charging, short duration, and sometimes charging failures. The problems are even more worst to tackle if the tablet has no detachable battery, you don’t have any option to replace it.

Issue 5: PC or Computer Recognition Issues

When you plug your device  to a PC or Laptop through a cable and if its not detected, it’s a sign to install a new driver. Go to the tablet menu for software update and check the status of USB connection. Once this is done you can connect it to PC or a laptop and see how it works or not !

These were some common issues people usually experience with tablets. Thankfully, most of the issues are minor can be solved easily. If you want to repair your computer, laptop or other such device, contact us !