It’s been almost a decade, when the very first time ipad was launched by apple in market. The device was appreciated by both the users and critics all over the globe tremendously.  

Ipad is undoubtedly a magnificent device which is consisting wide range of features that one may be not aware about even after owning one. If you are using your old ipad till now then may be some problems already started emerging and begun irritating you.

So, are you looking for a fix or solution to this problems? Or wondering what to do repair or upgrade?

Don’t worry i’m going to clear all your doubts with this article, and tell you all the signs that indicating towards upgradation way before you think :-

1. App crash & compatibility problems

It is the very first thing that comes in notice of anybody who own older version ipad. After a certain period of time, when company launch new product of the device, the older version of the same technology start restricting certain apps. The developers design new apps according to newer software and technology. So, it eventually start crashing the app even if you able to download it. Moreover, it almost become difficult to access new apps as old version could not able to support the new software.

2. Battery drains out very fast

Is your ipad start draining battery very quickly? Is it not even lasting 5 hours with full battery? Then your doubt is correct, the device started utilizing power in extreme mode. Every battery is designed with the motive to complete a particular cycle after that it does not able to perform to the level it was. Sometimes extreme temperature change can also affect battery health drastically.  

3. Display issues

Are you seeing dead pixels on your ipad display and facing issues in touch such as no detection by device of any gesture or touch. Then, your device is probably in trouble and will create more if it will remain in continue usage over the time. Most of the users complaint about this many times and not able to found precise solution for the same to make the display like the way it is bought.

4. Running out of space

One of the biggest drawback of purchasing apple products is that they don’t have option to upgrade device memory. You can’t even insert sd card or extend the memory of device through customization. As apple products are not flexible like android. So, if your storage is full and you don’t even have space to click pictures then you might need an upgrade immediately.

5. Unresponsive hardware buttons

Unfortunately, hardware buttons of apple stop working after certain period of time. the problem occur majorly in home buttons. Although, you have option to turn on accessibility through which you will get the home button on display. But once, all button goes down then you are left with one option and that is upgradation.

Undoubtedly, apple manufacture great products which stay with its owner for long amount of time. Repairing may do the job for you but sometimes upgradation is a great choice as it’s better to stay updated with the technology to keep your work smoother always.