One of the most essential part of our lives, Laptop! And when it gets damaged from any of the reasons, our life stucks. The social sharing, storage of documents, even your business gets affected by damaged laptop. Broken screen of the laptop is one of the major damages which can stop your from working. It is also possible that this can cause you huge amount of time.

Whether your laptop has been cracked or it has too many blown pixels, a broken laptop screen can stop you performing you lot of important work. It not only cost consuming but also sometimes irritate you with ugly appearance.

Here are 5 easy steps which will help you in fixing the broken screen of your laptop.

1. Remove the battery

The first thing you need to switch off the laptop and remove the battery to make it in the repair process. One needs to perform sequence wise to attain the effective and durable result.

2. Remove the plastic bezel

Now the second step is to remove the plastic bezel which covers the front of the laptop.on the screen. You should be more conscious when you are removing the plastic bezel as the possibility of breakage is high due to its features. There are different types of plastic bezel for different laptops, such as plastic bezel with screws or plastic clips. So, carefully remove the bezel from the screen.

3. Unscrew the metal brackets

The third consecutive step of repairing the laptop screen is to unscrew the metal brackets that holds the screen and now remove the screen from the metal bracket. It will take a decent amount of time to unscrew.

4. Unplug the wire

Now, you need to unplug the wire which is connected to the screen and remove the screen out of it. It will hardly take your 2-5 minutes and the process will get done. You do not need to worry if the time exceed as sometimes it takes more time to remove.

5. Order new screen

Now, the turn is to flip the screen to its back and just note down the number which is written on the flip side of the screen. Then, you need to order a new screen. Once, the screen comes, plug in into the laptop by using the cable connector. Now, turn on the computer. Now, check-out whether the screen is properly working or not. Now screw the laptop back into the frame exactly the way you unscrew the old screen. Once you are done with screen attachment into the frame, then, attach the bezel.

The above-mentioned step-by-step guide will help you in replacing your broken screen. For more information and guidance, contact us now.