Keyboard is one of the major components of computer without which it almost  impossible to work on system. You need a keyboard for almost every single task of system.

From net surfing to gaming, each task require a keyboard for its completion and initiation. In the rarest of the rarest scenario, we have to face the keyboard failure that we never expected.

Keyboard is a tough device that do not get broken or damage so easily but sometimes it do gets fail. There are some common issue which you can face or may be facing due to some problem that you are not aware about.

Here is the list of some common major issues that are probably the reason behind your keyboard failure :-

Connection issue

One of the most common issue that you may encounter will be improper connection. Sometime keyboard stop working due to connection failure. In order to get rid off this issue. Just turn off  your pc and remove the keyboard cable from port. After few mins. Connect the wire back into the port and get started with keyboard once again.

Bent or broken pin

Sometimes the pins of plug get bent or damaged, this usually happen during the removal or attachment of the same into the port. If the pins are bent then unplug the cable and straight them with the small pin tool. In case, you find damaged pins or missing pins then you have to buy a new keyboard in such scenario.

Updation notifications  

After every short interval the company sends an update to remove all the bugs and issues that users are facing. If you are facing a trouble in your keyboard all of the sudden then check for the updates. There is a possibility that your system is may be in need of a driver update. Go and visit the manufacturer website for an software update, if there is any then go ahead and install them immediately.

Hardware problem

If there are certain keys that are not working properly or becoming unresponsive slowly then dust can be a reason behind that failure. Turn the keyboard upside down to release the dust off from the keyboard. If that does not work, then buy a jet spray to get the job done for the same issue.

System problem

Every system has a set of operating systems on which the keyboard layout depends on.

If you are tapping a particular key and ending up getting the totally opposite letter on screen then the system is might be using the different keyboard layout possibly. You can change the keyboard layout as per your choice by heading towards control panel > keyboard settings.

Bottom line

Keyboard is not one of the sensitive device which get failed so quickly. You can work on a same keyboard as long as you want without any replacement. Keep all of these points in mind whenever you face keyboard failure. If the issue do not get resolved then you might need to purchase the new keyboard imemdiately.