For an online worker, laptop and smartphone are one of an essential assets. Even if you are not a professional writer or blogger, your computer or laptop security and safety is one of your major concern. Even if your laptop or computer is equipped with the latest version of an antivirus software, hardware firewall or other security measures, it can still get infected. Dealing with a laptop virus or some sort of malware can be time consuming, frustrating and annoying.

A virus or malware attack not only corrupt your data but, can also destroy all your images and other essential information within a span of time. The best way to defeat this kind of scams is very simple, don’t give strangers access to your laptops or share your personal information with them.

Let’s look at five additional smart ways you can protect your laptop from viruses and malware:

 1.Scan your Laptop Regularly

In order to protect your laptop from viruses and malware attacks, you should scan  your system at least twice a week. Even though if your laptop is equipped with an antivirus software, some viruses can still be found. Scanning the files of the system on a regular basis can protect them from attack and catch viruses that may slip onto your laptop.

2.  Don’t Share Pen drives

Even a close friend may unknowingly pass along a virus file. It’s always better to label your pen drives clearly so, you know they are yours and don’t  share them.  If someone passes you a file through a pen drive, suggest an alternative method to share the file.

3. Install Antivirus Software

It is essential that you have a working anti-virus software running on your laptop.  By using an old version of antivirus or one which is not good enough to take care of your PC or laptop from virus or malware attacks, you are putting your data security in danger. The most important step would use any of the effective and best antivirus programs and keep it updated.

4. Open Emails Carefully

A virus or malware attack on your laptop can be avoided by scanning email attachments before you open, even if your close friend has sent it.Many times when a virus comes through email it is usually in attachment form, especially video and audio files. If the scanner has doubted the attachment, then just don’t open it.

 5. Download Files Carefully

If you are not sure about an attachment or file, delete it right away. Especially in case, it is from an unknown source or site. It’s always good to make a mistake on the side of safety. There are tempting animations and videos on a website that looks unprofessional, do not download them.

These were the five smart ways to maintain a virus free laptop. Protecting your devices from data loss and viruses is much easier, nowadays than it used to be earlier.

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