It’s always better to go for repairing rather than replacing the computer. In most of the cases, machine gets tired after certain period of time and need a checkup to get in working condition again.

Nowadays, you have thousands of option to get computer repair as online world having wide range of technicians to offer. Smartphones, computers, tablets all these devices completely changed our way of working and seeing world.

This little device contains everything from our important documents to official work, images, videos, personal material etc.

Whenever you find yourself in the middle of trouble with your computer, the very first thing comes in mind is computer repair technicians. But you need to be very informed and careful about the technician who is going to perform the job.

How to make sure which technician is best? Let’s go through some of the questions that needs to be ask by you before choosing technician for your computer :-


There are various kind of credential available for the field of computer repairing. so ask the technician for the credentials before giving control of your computer to him. Credentials and certification are very essential to look for whenever getting your device repair by someone. Still, the certification should be up to date and relevant to the technology which is been in use. For eg- certification for mac is not useful for operating windows device.


Experience matters more than credential, it is essential to ensure that customers he previously served are satisfied or not. How many years of experience technician is holding, what is his reputation among the clients etc. the best way to know about the technician performance is through reference.


Yes! You need to ask on what basis and how he will charge the money. Some charge  according to hours where others usually take flat fee for the job. Compare the charges and reviews of various technician online. But remember, don’t sacrifice the quality over money.    

Data safety

The data is the most crucial aspect of computer as it needs to be taken out safely. So, ask your technician is he able to protect your data or not? If he can then what amount of data will be able to come out.

Whenever you start facing lags and issue in computer try to give attention to them immediately. As it may be a indication towards upcoming big problem, scan the machine on frequent basis, eliminate the files and softwares that are no more in use. Throw out all the softwares which are putting heavy load on your computer.

Even after repair, if you experience similar issues then don’t delay take it immediately to the repair shop. in order to prevent the problem from happening at bigger level.`