All of us know that hot weather tend to make our devices overheated. But, do you know that cold weather brings along its own set of problems with it, as well? Yes, the cold weather is not suitable for your devices whether these are  iPads or tablets. Usually, most of us forget to take care of our smartphones in the winter season.

Cooler temperature can negatively affect the functionality of your phone. Hence, you must make sure that following handy tips are adhered to this winter. These tips will keep you connected with your device in a consistent manner:

1.Moisture in the air

Changes in temperature can lead to condensation within your electronics. In snowy areas, the humidity is low so you need not worry much about the climatic change. All you need to do is simply keep your smartphone away from the damp areas. However, the places which have humid climate can be problematic for you. Thus, you should always be alert regarding the quick changes in the temperature. It is wise to ensure that you have kept your smartphone in warm pocket when going outdoors leaving room temperature. For further safety, you can use moisture proof cases or plastic bags.

2.Keep it close to your body

Keep your smartphone close to your body when you are outside. This will help you in protecting your device from coming in contact with precipitation. If you need to make a call, while you are outside, using earpiece for answering and headphone controller would be a better option. You should always keep your phone warm and sheltered

3.Save battery from draining

In cool temperature, your phone’s battery is likely to drain faster than normal rate. You can even face the situation of the battery showing ample power, but, starts draining rapidly. The reason behind this activity is the exposure of lithium ion batteries of your phone to cold temperature. This exposure affects the performance of device. Well, you need not worry anymore! This problem of battery draining is temporary and your device gets restored to its normal functioning when it is brought back to a warm temperature.

Smartphones are made up of delicate parts such as the battery, LCD screens and other electronic parts. These parts are subject to malfunction in cool temperatures. If your phone shuts down all of  a sudden, you should not restart it. On the contrary, you should go indoor  and let it warm up on its own.

Cold weather might affect the battery performance, but it does not harm your battery, in any case.  The additional way to combat this problem is to keep the extra batteries handy with you. In case your phone’s battery gets drained, warm it up so that it can  get additional power. This will assure the consistent performance of battery despite of its draining.

4. In cold weather, you should not leave your smartphone in car overnight or for longer time. Exposure to cold for prolonged period of time can permanently damage the components of your phone.

5. Your screen and other internal components may become fragile in the cold weather. This makes your phone prone to the damage, if it accidentally slips from your hand. You should cover your smartphone with a protective case and must not take it off when you step outdoor.

So, if your phone ever becomes cold, let it warm up to the room temperature before you start using it again. In case you experience any issues with your smartphone, get in touch with our professional technicians! We will extend the support on the basis of the severity of your device’s problem.