In this digital era, smartphones have become an essential part of  everyone’s lives and one cannot imagine a world without  them. People have started using their smartphones to manage their lives these days. In the present scenario, these smart devices offer different ways of communication such as email, blogs, Social Media, text and instant messaging, etc.

With more powerful and advanced smartphones launching in the market new ways of using smartphones are being introduced. They further provide proper assistance and care, eventually saving our lives. Smartphones have influenced our lives in a number of ways.

Here is a list of seven ways How Smartphones are saving our lives:

1. Predict a Heart Attack or a Stroke

A Mobile Phone company has recently launched a smartphone with a smart feature that can help in monitoring the activities of your heart  on your fingertips. With this feature, when you put your fingers on the phone case’s sensor, this features comes with an algorithm that helps in analyzing the ECG patterns. On the basis of this activity, it predicts whether you are at risk of a heart attack or a stroke even before any symptoms are noticed.

2. Help out in case of an Accident

Many Smartphones have a few applications which provide phone tracking service. You just have to register yourself for application, after which, it can easily track your location while driving and it comes with an emergency support option in case, you meet with an accident. You can also add an emergency contact list in your contact list of your smartphone. Besides, you should also make sure that your contact list is accessible to anyone who finds your phone.

3. Detect Parkinson’s Attack

Most of the smartphones applications can easily detect the vocal impairment and other symptoms which a person experiences at the starting stage of the disease. This mobile application features  walking, finger tapping and other memory games to check the progression of this disease.

4. Detect Skin cancer

You will be surprised to hear this, but, smartphones can nowadays detect skin cancer. If you are worried about a mole on your skin, don’t worry, your smartphone application lets you take a photo of each mole  and analyze the color, symmetry and other things to check if there is some change or not. It will help you in know whether it is just a mole or a sign of skin cancer which is about to develop.

5. Gives you alerts of earthquake in advance

GPS system in a smartphone can be used in detecting earthquakes as well and it can even alert people of the nearby areas to take safety measures in order to prevent harm. People can also be rescued through GPS tracking in natural disasters like earthquake.

6. Prevent domestic violence

For those women who struggle in getting out of a bad and an abusive relationship, a smartphone can help them to get out of this torturous life. Mobile phones can help women in finding new home and keep them in touch with their family members. These smartphones can also protect them from domestic violence.

7. Detects Kidney Disorders

This is impossible to believe, but, smartphones come with an ultrasound imaging software. This software can be used to assess kidney disorders and to confirm and track pregnancies.


For most of the people, smartphone has become one of the greatest productivity tool. Many mobile applications make it easier to keep track of people’s life. The above mentioned seven essential ways smartphones are definitely saving our lives. To know more about these life saving features of smartphones, get in touch with us !