Despite the worldwide adoption of tablets of all sizes and shapes, are you still among those who do not want to disconnect from the tight hold on their laptop or computer in favor of these amazing tech devices that are presently in the trend. Tablets are today top of almost everyone’s wish when it comes to smart devices. A tablet features smarter operating system (OS), several custom applications, faster networks and now these devices have evolved from just being expensive luxury devices into crucial business tools or equipment and more.

There are countless reasons why you should invest in the tablet for your next gadget purchase, especially if you are one of those who have still not made a switch from the laptop or traditional desktop.

If you are thinking to add a tablet to the list of your smart devices, then it’s the right time to turn this thinking into reality. Here is a list if a few reasons why you should buy a tablet in 2018.


Yes, we all know it! Tablets are cool and stylish device yo use instead of those heavier and big laptop or computers. Laptop gets so damn hot, that many times you have to put lotion on your legs to prevent the burns or marks you may get when you work on it without sitting on a desk.


If you are an avid traveler or if you need to travel for work sometimes, or just take the work to your kid’s playground, tablets make it easier and convenient than ever. A tablet is much lighter than laptops and also feature larger screens when compared to mobile phones, thus allowing you to get your work done easily. Also, it saves you from carrying bulky laptop or power cord to places with you.


No doubt laptop can also play your favorite movies and music, but tablets just do it better. You will never find anything much better than the tablet for entertaining yourself or your kids on a long trip.  A tablet loaded with movies, games or music is quite easy to carry with you.


A tablet makes the right piece of tech to take to an official meeting. Tablets make easier for you to write down notes while you are listening to the presenter and if it’s your chance to present, you can run your presentation directly from the tablet instead of a laptop. While you must be attentive during the meetings, but when things get boring, you can play games on mute on your tablet. Also, tablets are great for surfing the internet.


Well, these were some reasons why should buy a tablet this year. Believe it or not, tablets can make you feel like you are from the future world and much advanced from others. For the smartphone, laptop or your old tablet repair, get in touch with us today! We at TechBar can fix for you!