Have you noticed that your laptop has suddenly exhibited unusual battery behavior? Unfortunately, laptops do not last forever and the most common part of the laptop that generally fail first is the battery. With time, batteries in smartphones, tablets or laptops lose their ability to hold a charge and sometimes their ability to hold charge under load. Mostly all batteries do it, over time. Battery failure can occur any time anywhere and sometimes without warning. From the time you take the laptop from its case and plug it to charge, it will slowly degrade eventually.

If you own a laptop or notebook, there are several ways out there to find out if the battery of your laptop needs to be changed. Here is the list of a few insane signs to look out for :


Yes, overheating is an obvious sign of the issue. Usually, laptops are warm to the touch, but when it gets overheated, it’s a sure sign that your battery might be going bad and it’s the right time to change the battery. When the battery use more power to work your program or applications it causes data on other components of your laptop too.  So, if the battery of your laptop gets extremely hot it’s best to get it replaced as soon as possible as you can to prevent an accidental fire.


If your laptop is shutting or restarting randomly there is a good chance that it’s the battery issue. You should check and see that the battery is placed correctly or not. If in case it’s not placed correctly try re-adjusting the battery. Well, this is a quite troubling issue that is far beyond frustrating, in case if you need to work on the laptop for a longer period of time.


If the laptop battery doesn’t last as long as it’s being used when you are working on the laptop, it’s a clear indication that it’s a battery problem. A laptop’s battery life starts to decline with time as you use it, and this a good sign of buying a new battery.


These days some laptops come with a software that checks the battery on a regular interval. Well, if you start to receive errors messages about the battery of the laptop, it could be failing. Go through these messages and see what are the messages recommend to you. However, if you want to wait, you can wait, but eventually, if you want to make those error messages to go away, the best option is to change the battery.

Laptop batteries are not designed to last forever and that’s the fact. A time will come when you have to replace it. By knowing the signs in advance at the right time you will be able to repair or change your laptop battery before it causes serious damage to your device.

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