When people think about the safety of their computer, the first thought that comes to their minds is to prevent and avoid computer viruses. The most vulnerable and potent threat to computer owners is the virus infection. This is an online era, and almost everyone knows that a computer virus can completely destroy your system to the scratch where it’s can become non-functional. If it has not happened to you till now, it must have happened to someone you know. Computer viruses can hamper important work involved with documents and information.

It’s quite important for every computer user to know about the programs and software that can be used to protect the computers from virus attacks. The important thing here is, people never really talk about the sources of computer viruses. Users these days have a firewall on their computer, but it’s important to know that where the viruses come from.

You must take essential steps in order to keep your computer free from viruses. Our technicians at Techbar have enlisted a few common sources of the computer virus.


The Internet is one of the most common ways to get a computer virus. A computer user should always pay caution before downloading any document or file. You should always check the source of the file and be careful of exe files or documents. Also, use an antivirus program to scan all the documents and files before you download it.  It’s imperative to scan the programs or files before downloading them. Any type of executable programs including the screensavers, games are one of the major sources of viruses.


There is no denying that Bluetooth is also one of the most common sources of computer viruses. Yes, viruses can attack your computer system from Bluetooth transfer as well. Any computer user can unknowingly have a computer virus transferred to the system by transferring a  file or document through Bluetooth transfer. So, you should always use an antivirus program in order to check all the files you get through file transferring.


Besides Bluetooth transfers, email from another most common source of computer viruses. Again be careful before downloading email attachments that have been forwarded many email addresses. In case you receive an unusual message from a known person, send that email message right to the spam folder. It’s also important to scan the email even if you receive it from a friend or a family member. This is because there exists a possibility that your friend may have fired you a virus unknowingly.


Well, viruses from removal devices do not occur as often as the above-mentioned sources. However, there is still the possibility and you can’t say anything. So, don’t let anyone plug a pen drive or flash drive into your system. In case, they do check the files by an antivirus program.

To sum it up, the above mentioned are some of the common sources of computer viruses.  If your laptop or computer has been affected by a virus, contact TechBar and let our highly trained technician fix your issue.