In this modern digital era, one of the most necessary and important useful items us a laptop or a computer system. These high tech devices play a very crucial role in the everyday lives of every individual and are of great use. Today, computers and laptops can suffice with almost all types of needs. You can surf the online world, play games, work, watch your favorite series and lots more. In real life situations, a laptop can be used anywhere, anytime and is the best choice for both your personal and professional work.

However, a laptop can slow down and face issues along the way,- it’s just a fact of life. Who likes to deal with a malfunctioning device when you have an important task to get done. Although rebooting the system or installing updates will only solve normal wear, the larger and serious issues may demand¬†professional laptop repair.

But how to find out what is a minor issue and what can be a serious issue? Paying attention to the warning signs can help you find out when you need to visit an expert technician in order to get your laptop running its best again.

Our highly trained technician at Tech bar highlight a few warning signs your laptop needs a professional repair.


In general, a laptop should normally start up within 25 to 30 seconds or less. In case, your laptop is taking more time to get started, chances are there can be a problem with the software. If you observe the issue right away, or it’s not frequent it could be taken as normal. Otherwise, it’s wise to take your device to the experienced professionals who can assess the overall device and fix the issue.


Some laptop models face issues connecting with the right wifi network at times. Well, a connection can be established easily by reconfiguring the network settings in the device. But, if still, your laptop fails to detect a wifi connection at all, it’s the right time to get the device checked by the professionals as soon as possible.


If you hear any strange coming from your laptop itself, don’t delay to visit an experienced laptop repair technician ASAP. If your laptop fan is functioning loudly, there is definitely something wrong that needs to be fixed. In most cases, odd or strange sounds such as clicking or grinding noises clearly show that there is a serious issue with internal hardware of the device. Don’t ignore any strange or odd noises coming from your device, because if left unattended the problem could get worse.

As shown above, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it may need professional repairs. There is nothing to get worried about, as our experts at Tech Bar is able to provide you with fast, reliable and affordable repair services.