If you see both the products from an audience perspective then more or less they both serve same purposes under the different brand names. Ipad is specifically designed and manufactured by apple where tablets are of several brands.

Some people describe tablet and ipad a giant version of smartphones or mini version of laptop. Still, the opinion varies from person to person, what he/she feels about particular brand or product.

Without debating on this further, let’s just start with the difference between these two devices and how they work :-

Ipad vs tablet

Ipad strengths and weakness

Apple is known for its top notch quality products which never disappointed audience with its performance. Ipad is a great device, consisting huge display of high resolution that eventually enhance the gaming and movie experience quite amazingly.

Ipad can be connected with various of wireless devices such as speakers and keyboard that can turn the device into an computer or a great sound system. Apple has certain guidelines against the security breaches in order to protect the ios device from various kind of threats and viruses active on web world.

There is one reason why apple is considered leading brand of the market. They always try to keep their product updated at the same time basic so that no bug or virus can attack the software easily.

To a pretty good extent, apple perceived as a bug free device by the customers, exception are there obviously. With apple, you get an access to app store which has millions of app for use tested by apple itself.

There are few drawbacks of purchasing ipad which most of you already experienced if you are owning apple product . There is no option to extend memory of the device as they dont give option of sd card. one has to decide very early which version to buy as per his/her future requirements. This is little complicated as price may become one of the barrier for the same. Also, so many apps do not get released in apple as they do not allow the apps which they don’t feel is right for the device.

Android benefits and loss  

One of the biggest advantages of choosing android over apple ipad is that you have wide range of options that means you have variety of price ranges to choose from. You can even go for a small tablet which will cost you lot less money than the mini ipad of apple. Android have google play store which provide you huge amount of apps that meet almost every requirement.  

Not just that, in android you can also download files  from any website you prefer. This can be taken as a advantage or disadvantage both depends on a person personal choice.

The disadvantage somewhere may be the google play and android less supervision towards its platform. According to the study conducted by researchers in us, it has been noticed that 97% of the viruses design by hackers are for android platform where only rest 3% are for ios software.

Piracy can damage the device badly. We have seen people complaining about this in past several times for the android tablet.

Final call

If you’re a kind of person who is satisfied with the simpler and smoother device then ipad is a perfect purchase for you. The device is also great for watching movies, making movies, reading books or writing one. Apple also claims that ipad has one of the coolest gaming apps which android isn’t capable of. Moreover, the updation of apple for removing bugs and lags is always helpful and make the device better in this matter than the others.

Android is designed for those who are seeking to get most out of everything. No doubt, it is equally good as ipad in terms of watching movies and videos. Quite decent with games and superb with music. It is a effective purchase when you are a person who like to customise or need customization for its device. With android, you have open field to access anything and get the apps you like as there is no restriction like apple.