What are you saying? That not so humble computer virus has again affected your work? Well, it has been a very long time, the threatening virus or malware attacks are making the life of computer or laptop users frustrating.

Computer viruses are just like the common cold. People think they will be soon be cured by both virus and cold. But, unfortunately, it seems like these unwelcomed viruses are just getting stronger and smarter over time.

Sometimes the pre-installed computer security program fails to keep up with new threats. Every computer user should still run new and updated security programs for better protection from viruses. Luckily there are several free firewall, spyware and antivirus programs available out there. Well, you can never get the best antivirus program in general. Still, you can make the best choice of the antivirus program depending on your needs, goals, and environment.

If you are thinking to buy the best and high-quality antivirus software for your computer or laptop, you should look at the vendor information carefully, other antivirus certifying firms reviews, as well as other sources available in the marketplace. Here are some important criteria shared by the experts for making the right choice.


The antivirus security to be delivered by the antivirus software does not obstruct the process must be compatible with other software useful software.  An antivirus program has the access to the entire data and information on your computer and laptop, so there are times it may conflict with other software or programs pre-installed on your device. And, most importantly, your computer or laptop must meet all the hardware and software requirements of your antivirus program.


An antivirus solution should protect your device from as many as threats possible and on as several fronts as it can: adware, viruses, passwords thieves, online phishing attacks, spamming, spyware, keyloggers and many more. In order to choose the top rated antivirus program for your device, check the range of protection offered by the antivirus program.


Well, this one goes without saying a word- price is one of the most important and top things to keep in mind when choosing an antivirus solution. When purchasing an antivirus program, you will come across many versions and features priced differently. Some antivirus programs cost more than hundreds of dollars, while others are free of cost.  You can go with the affordable option, it’s not important to go with an expensive one to keep your system protected. The antivirus software must be in your budget.

The best for your needs and wants antivirus solution offers the best usability and protection with a minimal cost of your time, money or other resources.

These are some important pointers to keep in mind when shopping for an antivirus solution. We at Techbar hope that the above-mentioned criteria will help you buy the best choice for your devices.

In case your laptop or computer has been infected by a threatening virus, contact us to get your problem fixed by our highly trained technicians.