Everybody can’t afford the new costly laptops or computers so people these days prefer to purchase pre-owned laptops as the only best-left option. While buying a used laptop, you should know what to check because the better gadget you choose, the higher productivity you will get. It’s the laptop age and the present era is considered by the laptop development and usage which effects on the aspects of people’s life. A laptop is a device which is very common in use by almost everyone.

When the budget is tight people usually prefer a used laptop or computer but sometimes they don’t even understand what to look inside the device. One needs to be attentive while buying a used laptop.  So what is the best way to buy a pre-owned laptop and how you should check the device?

When you are buying a used laptop, you have to see the following important things including the behaviour of the seller.


While you are looking for a laptop, some innovative sellers must be looking for making money. Before purchasing a pre-owned laptop, ask yourself an important question why do you need it and what you are planning to do with it. You should know what you need. Don’t forget to look for the required component lists such as hardware, battery, software, charging a device and additional accessories like bag or mouse. Check everything once again, before you pay.


It’s important to check the screen quality before you buy a used laptop. Look through the pictures, change the background and make sure that the graphics are alright. Play a little with contrast and brightness levels and adjust the screen to different conditions. See if the screen is blurry or has some spots or vertical lines, this means the device is damaged and needs a repair.


Check the used laptop battery whether or not it is matching with the model. If the battery doesn’t match that’s mean the seller has replaced the battery. So it’s better to see if the battery is original or local with the name of the company. A laptop battery has a life of three to four life, so the battery in the used laptop may already be weak or dead. That’s mean you should consider buying an extra or new battery.


Depending on the manufacturer and the age of the laptop, it comes with a warranty. Ask the seller for the original software CDs, operational manual, drivers, recovery CD, and all the things that came along with the laptop. Don’t forget to transfer any warranty left for the device into your name.

To sum up, for those with a tight budget, don’t forget to consider the above-given things before purchasing a used laptop. We at TechBar can help you to set up a new laptop, computer, repair a smartphone or help you to learn how to use a table better. Get in touch with us!