This has become a normal tendency with technology, to have the latest, most expensive gadget, even if someone doesn’t need it. Smartphones and tablets have become the latest status symbol. If your smartphone needs a repair, it can be troublesome to know what to do next. You may also wonder it is better to replace your smartphone instead of getting it repaired.

Do you know everything about smartphone repair?  Think again! Many people have wrong notions about smartphone repairs and this sometimes prevents them from taking the right step. Having a clear understanding of smartphone repair and debunking the common misconceptions and myths is important.

Here is a list of a few common smartphone repair myths:


Accidental damage such as a water damage or cracked screen won’t be covered by the smartphone’s warranty and if your device is over a year old, your warranty period has already passed.  A salesperson can try to sell you a new device, but our reliable repair technicians at Techbar only want to repair your smartphone as painlessly and quickly as possible.


Well, it is not true at all. If you go to a good repair technician or company then your smartphone will remain the same and function well even after repairs With years of rich experience as one of Techbar, the best leading mobile, and laptop repair experts, we have experienced nearly every  issue in the operation of devices, and fixed them as soon as possible.


Not true at all, severely. Smartphone repairs at Techbar, are way much affordable than purchasing a new one. There are repairs of all kinds ( computer, smartphone, laptop, broken screen) available at a reasonable price so that anyone can afford to have a perfectly functioning device.


Another very common misconception related to smartphone repairs is that the parts replaced during the repairing process are always artificial and the device will not operate like the same. This myth could be true in case you get the repair is done by an unauthorized dealer and untrusted service center. But, we are trusted and licensed both. Techbar is certified and reliable to repair major smartphone and other device issues.


Most of the tech savvy people think that they can repair their device on their own, with the help of an online video tutorial and repair kit they ordered online. However, because of the sensitive nature of mobile phone repairs and required skills, many of these customers end up damaging their smartphones completely. You may not have the time to visit a certified smartphone tapir company, but you should at least go to a certified technician.

Now when you are familiar with the most common smartphone repair misconceptions and myths, you must have a clear picture of the truth. Keep in mind the above-mentioned points the next time your smartphone needs any kind of repair. At Techbar, we repair cracked smartphone screens as well as repair other devices like laptops and computers.