There is a vast ocean of reasons why people overlook the thought of replacing the technical equipment they are using. In a few ways, they are attached to the machines that they know how to use and worked with for a very long time, even if it stops working the same it used to.

Having to bid a farewell to the printer that has helped you completing several tasks can be quite hard, especially when the device seems to still be working quite well. Printers are important technological devices used both at home and in offices. A good printer can last years when professionally maintained at regular intervals of time. So, if you fail to repair or replace your printer at the right time, it may lead to several issues, in the near future.

How do you know when it’s the right time to buy a new printer? Well, there are warning signs that you need to notice and our experts at Tech Bar can help you qualify them for you. Below listed are clear signs that it’s the right to get a replacement for your printer.


Well, the occasional paper jam is quite normal, especially if the printer is used frequently. But, it’s important to know that regular paper jams should not be overlooked as it’s not normal. If you are experiencing frequent paper jams, it’s advisable to check the depth of the issue. In case everything comes out to be fine, and you are still experiencing the same issue, it’s time to start looking for a new printer in the market. It’s wise to consider your time and money you can actually save down the line with new equipment.


If you are dealing with a too slow functioning printer for a long time, its time to part ways. The printers with noticeably insufficient printing speed usually need to be replaced or repaired. Instead of continuing to patch up things time and again, it’s better to shop for a new printer. Also, on average, the repair costs could exceed the original cost of the printers by three times.


Saying goodbye to your printer is difficult, especially if you are using it for a long time. This is a digital world and the technology is changing rapidly. In case your printer has served you for more than five to six years, it is better to invest in a new one. Buying a new printer can help you save on costs in the near future.


If you have detected any of the signs stated above, it is the good time to replace your outdated and slow printer. Our experienced experts at Tech Bar can help you set up and configure your new printer. For more information about our services, visit our website.