One of the most important reasons people nowadays prefer buying a MacBook laptop is for its extreme portability and a highly dependable battery life.  There is no denying the worth of a Macbook. However, it’s quite obvious that after some years or so the constant use, the MacBook’s battery starts slowing down and sometimes even get discharge comparatively faster. Every product has its specific time, in such case, a life cycle, although a MacBook can last for a considerable time period,  it undoubtedly will not last forever.

If you are experiencing the same problems,  it is in your best interest to look for a trusted laptop repair service to diagnose the battery and fix your MacBook to it’s the best condition. The replacement process is quite easier and simple than a MacBook owner might think.  So, if you are using your Mac for a comparatively long time, it’s good to keep some important things in mind.

Listed below are few strong signs your Macbook battery is dying and needs your attention.


There can be several causes for the heating in the system, in case you do not have any hardware or software issues in a Mac than the battery could be the culprit. Excessive heat can completely cause failure of other components on your system. If a Mac is getting extremely hot while performing primary functions, it would be better to get it replaced as soon as you can before it’s too late.


The MacBook comes with an outstanding feature built in that informs when to replace the battery. You can check the battery’s condition by selecting battery level along the top menu and open the drop-down menu. It’s the right time to replace the battery if you see any of the following conditions listed in the Macbook:

Replace soon

Replace now

Service battery

The system information section of the MacBook provides more information about the battery condition.


Nothing is more frustrating than your system randomly shuts down while you are working on an important project. Random shutdowns when running on battery power, and even after a fully charged battery clearly indicates that it’s time to get the battery replaced by an experienced professional.


When you bought your Macbook, you could use it for long hours whenever and wherever you wanted. But if now you are just limited to a short time before your Macbook announced you to plug a charger. Sometimes, your Mac doesn’t get fully charged even if it is been plugged for hours. Thi clearly indicates that it’s the time to get a new battery.


These were the signs to consider the fact that your Macbook can’t last forever, and need your attention. If you are experiencing the same issues with your Mac, bring it over to Tech Bar.