For a laptop owner, there can be nothing more annoying than a too slow laptop. A device that keeps freezing up or takes a lot of time to access files and programs can make working on it quite impossible. When a laptop starts functioning too slow, it can be tempting for a laptop owner to give up and invest in a new device. While buying a new device is not only an ideal solution, there are several other things which can be done to make your current device speed up and start functioning better.

Our highly trained experts at Tech Bar has shared a few easy and useful hacks that can supercharge your laptop and boots it’s speed.


Some laptops come with enough space to in order store a number of media files, work files, folders and other downloads but this does not mean that you can use all the storage space of it. Storing every single file or download on the internal storage space of your laptop means you are slowing down the speed of it. However, using an external storage device can ease the workload on your system to a great extent and boost its speed.


If you want to speed up your laptop for multitasking then upgrading the RAM could be the best option. If you are using a laptop with lower RAM, then you should consider adding a few extra GB’s. Doing this won’t cost you much, but it can definitely make a big difference in the overall performance of your system.


The slow performance of your laptop can be a sign that something is wrong with the hardware, not just the software. The efficiency of the system can also be affected if the laptop fan is not cooling the processing system efficiently. Proper care and regular maintenance of the system can greatly help to keep it performing optimally, thereby boosting the speed of your laptop.


The browser you are currently using on your laptop can make a huge difference to the overall performance. Different browsers make your web searching experience slower and faster, so it’s advisable to use the browser that best suits all your needs. It’s good to update to the available latest version of the browser that you use in order to speed up your laptop and browser itself. Also, make sure that you clean out the caches, data, and cookies on a regular basis to keep the browser fast.


Even after following the above-mentioned points to supercharge your laptop, the performance still has not improved, then you should definitely take your laptop to a reliable service center to get it checked by a professional.

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