In this digital world, every one of us depends on our smartphones. These high-grade technology devices have become an integral part of lives that keep us informed, connected with others and entertained during the too busy and hectic everyday grind. All these factors make the smartphones much more than just a simple gadget, so it’s important for us to take better care of them than actually, we do. There are several ways that you might unknowingly hurt or destroy your cell phones through poor care and negligent use. Instead of treating the smartphones as simple tools that can be repaired or replaced easily, it’s important to treat them as valuable gadgets containing all our sensitive data and information.

To help you, today in this blog we at Tech Bar have listed few nasty things that can damage the health of your smartphones. Scroll down to read the list and check whether or not you feel guilty about any of these bad habits.


Overheating not only means, that your smartphone is plugged in to get charged. It’s easy for your device to get overheated in strong sunlight. Even, it can sometimes get too hot to shut down when left in an air-conditioned space or a hot car. And in some cases, excessive heat can damage the internal parts and battery of your device. This is why protecting your device from direct sunlight, keeping it in a normal temperature and turning it off when kept in a heated space are some ways to prevent accidental damage.


Although, you might feel updating your computer or laptop security settings are important, forgetting about your smartphone can work against you. So, be careful when downloading files or installing any apps on your device and make sure to perform system updates on a regular basis.


Yes, it’s is another abusive behavior that can damage your phone. If you think overcharging is a good idea for the longevity of your smartphone, then you are absolutely wrong. In simple words, there is no benefit of charging your device after the battery level reaches full charge or 100%. In addition, doing this can generate excessive heat in your smartphone that can damage it completely.


When you drop your device and don’t immediately observed a dented edge or cracked screen, it’s never a good idea to assume that there is no damage, even if it’s in a case. There is a possibility that an accidental fall or drop can damage the internal parts of the device. You need not be careless, and be careful and avoid dropping your smartphone both intentionally and unintentionally.


These were some of the habits you need to avoid in order to take care of your smartphone. In case, you have accidentally dropped your smartphone and walking through various options to fix the broken screen, bring it to us at TechBar and get it repaired by our experienced technicians.