There are many reasons people these days laptop for laptops than desktop computers. One of the biggest advantages that makes it the first choice is it’s portability and mobility while packing the performance of a computer. However, for most of the laptop owners, one of the biggest and quite impossible issues to handle on a hardware part is a malfunctioned or completely damaged laptop screen repair. It’s no secret, that laptop screens are one of the significant part components of a laptop and also the most elusive hardware’s part.

All in all, these laptop screen issues need to be fixed only by an expert technician who has proper knowledge and experience about the work. Below listed are few usually respond that contributes to common laptop screen problems.


The broken pixels can cause hitches to properly read the words on the laptop screen. Even the few broken pixels in one area can also interrupt the entire operating experience. In case, you notice broken pixels on your laptop screen, it’s advisable to get the challenging laptop screen replaced with a new one by an expected technician. Our trained technicians at Tech Bar can fix all laptop issues, including screen issues.


In case you have accidentally dropped your laptop or held the screen in an inappropriate way, it causes a broken or damaged screen. Often times the damage on the laptop screen might be external that will not affect the overall function of the device. However, at times, broken laptop screen might hamper the overall operation of the system. In case your laptop screen is broken or adversely damaged, then you should take it to a trustworthy laptop repair service center and get it replaced with genuine parts.

Our technicians at Tech bar repair cracked laptop screens, as well as repair other laptop issues.


Images from your laptop screen can get messed up or jumbled at times. However, it looks like one of the laptop screen issues, but the video card can also be the reason behind for the issue. In order to confirm whether the messed up images is because of the monitor issue or not, you can do a short test by connecting a good monitor to the laptop.


The internal laptop settings oftentimes force the screen turn off unexpectedly or hibernate it when not used for a long period of time.  This causes screen blackouts in the laptop if the mouse or any key has not been touched for a few time. However, this issue can be resolved easily by adjusting the screen sleeping and hibernation settings.

If you are looking for reliable laptop screen repair services in Miami, get in touch with Tech Bar. Our technicians are experts in the laptop, computer, and iPad repair and maintenance.