People still experience a chuckling feeling, whenever they build their own PC or unbox a brand new computer or laptop. All they crave for is to point is plug their fancy system in, turn the switchboard on and start exploring the system in your own ways. Hold on! Here’s an important thing to keep in mind and that is – if you want to grab the most out of your sparkling new computer, there are some essentials steps you have to have at the outset.

So have you just bought a fancy laptop or computer? Well, it’s a great news, congratulations and we hope you get plenty of use out of your shiny device, whether it’s for your personal or professional use. But wait!  don’t rush, do not open the box, or plug in the cords, and start during the online world just yet!

Relax, take a few minutes and follow the below-mentioned tips that can help you boost your machine security and possibly take away some of the potential headaches and stresses down the road.


These days computers and laptops come with the number of features installed straight right from the store itself. The first and most important thing that has to be done by the user is to set up a user account and password.

However, sometimes many people mistyped a password when they are creating a user account. Using a password manager is the best way to create strong passwords for various accounts and websites, but the bad news is that a password manager will not remember the PC’s own login. So, this is where a password reset disk comes into play and gives users a great way to rest the username and password on the laptop, computer or even on the mac.


Never use the antivirus program that comes with your new laptop or computer. All laptops and computers need antivirus software to function well. There are many companies that pay, computer or laptop manufacturers a big amount every year to install their anti-virus software on new devices. But most of them are just trial versions and get expired after a specific period of time. If you let the guard down, soon you can become a victim of severe online attacks like ransomware. That’s why our experts at TECH BAR MIAMI, recommends installing a new software program in your brand new machine.  Nowadays, there are free antivirus programs available out there.


This is an internet age and it’s quite obvious you will use internet on your new computer or laptop. But, unfortunately, the online world is not always safe, that means you should be careful about keeping your personal information secure and safe. Use strong passwords, remove or keep a lock on your personal information such as personal photos and other sensitive files, and don’t ever use open public Wi-Fi networks. Keeping your personal information safe and protected is really very important.

To sum it up,  these were the three most important things you should do after buying a new computer or laptop.

So, what kind of computer did you get?  Our experts at TECHBAR can help you set up a new computer, repair your laptop or broken smartphone.

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