Ways To Prevent Computer Viruses From Occurring:

In today’s internet community the only way to be 100% safe is by staying offline. But this is not a practical approach to take. Fortunately, there are plenty of Computer Store Miami establishments who can help prevent a cyber attack! Because nobody should have to deal with nasty computer viruses. Rendering your system inoperable and corrupting sensitive data can be very frustrating. In some severe cases erasing everything in sight; including downloaded photos of family and friends. When your computer is tainted with a virus it can erase any data in the blink of an eye. But, lucky for you, now there are preventative measures which can be taken! Here is a compilation of steps for protecting your computer against viruses.

Using Caution When Opening Up Personal E-Mails:

You have a greater chance of avoiding computer viruses by scanning your e-mail attachments prior to opening them up. If anything seems suspicious, chances are it should be avoided at all costs. You can attach an anti-virus scanner as a means of protecting your computer. This prevents downloaded files on the worldwide web from getting through.

Having Extra Anti-Virus Protection On Your Computer:

Internet service providers often offer limited anti-virus protection. But it does not always protect your computers entire system from viruses. Thus, leaving you vulnerable to a cyber attack! That is why you’re better off getting additional protection with a Computer Store Miami establishment. Business Grade anti-virus software can be installed within minutes and protect your system all day long.

Using Firewall Protection:

A basic rule which every computer user need to have knowledge of is Firewall cannot prevent internet worms from getting through. But it will still protect your computer against other viruses.

ThreatSense Virus Scanning Tool:

This user-friendly antivirus helps to remove harmful bugs from your computer system. Equipped with the latest scanning technology which is accessible through your web browser. It’s highly accurate at cleaning up computers and can even quarantine files that have been infected.


An antivirus program that checks your PDF files for viruses without interrupting computer processing. Outpost Security Suite Pro does a quick scan of the computer system. It uses only 4MB and scans up to 70,000 files within 15 minutes. Repairing your total system in less than 3 hours.

Keep A Pop-Up Blocker Running While Web Browsing:

Having a pop-up blocker running during your web browsing prevents risky advertisements from coming up on your computer screen. Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome are popular browsers that come with an option for pop-up blockers.

Perform Regular Back-Ups Of Your Essential Files To External Drives:

Besides using a Computer Store Miami to protect your system from viruses, it’s good to transfer important files as well. This makes Data Recovery easier in the event of a cyber attack. And ensures them to be safely relocated to an external drive for you to retrieve at a later time.