If you are jumping over the latest iPhone X, it does not mean you have to ditch the existing one. Are you wondering what to do with your old iPhone model when iPhone X is all the rage? While there is nothing wrong with selling your old iPhone model, immediately after Apple comes out with a brand new model.m, there are several ways you can repurpose your old iPhone model. Also, keeping your old smartphone as an emergency backup option is a smart idea in case your expensive new iPhone model breaks for any reason. In general, you can also certainly use it for several purposes in your life at the same time.

Well, everyone owns a junk drawer full of unwanted, old cell phones. Instead of leaving alone your trustworthy companion in the junk drawer environment, it’s better to repurpose it. Learn how can you repurpose your old, unwanted iPhone, in Tech Bar latest blog.  So, here we go!

If you have recently purchased the latest iPhone model. Read the below-listed tips for the best ways to repurpose an unwanted used iPhone.


iPhones are expensive, no matter what is the model, so don’t let it go waste lying on the corner of your home. Try using it again, by downloading kid-friendly games, stories, applications and other shows for keeping your children entertained for hours, especially when you are traveling. Don’t forget to ensure that you enable parental controls on the old iPhone in order to block any adult content.


Well, this is one of the best use of an old iPhone model. You can use the camera on your old iPhone for security purpose, thereby to record the surveillance footage of your home premise when you are not at home. You can use an application that allows the live streaming footage directly from one device to another, of your choice. While an old model as a security camera can capture and provides only limited footage, it can be an excellent option if you are looking for basic surveillance.


If you are interested to look for a way to earn a little amount of cash, you can sell your used old iPhone online or local used phone dealer in your area. Doing this will not only keep your old handset out of the landfill, it will also provide you with a good amount of cash.


If you don’t want to sell your old iPhone, you can consider giving or donating it to someone you know, who needs it more than you. This is another best way to repurpose your still functioning old used iPhone. But, consider formatting the device to wipe away the personal information and other content stored in the drive.

To sum it up, these were some of the best ways to repurpose your old used iPhone. In case your old iPhone is not functioning or has a damaged screen, bring it to our trained techs at Tech Bar.