From most business to home and everywhere around in between, there are daily threats that are emerging and should be avoided in order to maintain a healthy and safe online life. Locking your doors and windows, looking at all the directions before you cross the road, safe driving – these are all essential things people do to prevent the unexpected worst from happening. But do you know the same also goes for the internet world as well? The online world is much more dangerous than real life with more than thousands of threats flocking the internet.

In today’s dangerous digital threat world, you have to proactive to keep your system safe as hackers and cyber criminals are constantly spreading malware that can make your life hell. Do you think that you are safe and protected from malware threats? Just think again.

It is quite possible to clean up your infected computer and completely remove malware from the system. However, here is a list of a few tips to avoid downloading malware with your new program.


While browsing or surfing the internet, you should be very careful with the pop-up ads or windows that usually appear on your screen and instruct to run a program. If you are downloading a program online or open an attachment, you will get an option whether or not you trust the source. You should to run a program only if you know exactly what it is and its source. Also, make sure to use the antivirus program installed on your computer and scan the program with it for the safety of your computer.


While searching for common information on the internet, always make sure that you search it from a reputable and familiar source. In case during the search, you do not recognize the website or the source that pops up in your screen, so at the very least possible case, beware of the downloads and links that are offered on that particular site.


Whenever the operating system (OS ) of your computer is asking for the update, just do it! These updates are important for ensuring security against virus and malware as anti-virus program alone does not protect the network of your system effectively. Keeping the antivirus program and operating system updated on a regular basis makes it even more difficult for scammers to gain access to the network.


If you are in an airport and coffee shop and suddenly notice an open wifi network without the password, it looks attractive. And it should. It is also attractive for hackers or intruders as well. If it is easy for a hacker or cybercriminal who is experienced to make malware tasks for their own sake.

These were some of the helpful tips to avoid downloading malware with a new computer. Downloading a program, from an unknown source is something like letting a complete stranger into your property. For more information related to removing malware and virus from your computer, contact us today.