Video cards which are also referred to as graphics card can be found in the motherboard of a computer. The primary job of a video card is to generate images and display it to the user in a monitor. They are very essential for a graphics designer, gamer, video editor and even for someone who enjoys watching movies on a high-quality resolution. Now the question is how to be sure that the video card is okay?

1) Replacing Monitors, Video card repair service Miami

The first step to check if the Video card is not functioning properly is to replace the monitor with another one. This is to ensure that the problem is with the graphics card and not with the monitor.

2) Checking the Visibility of the Video Card, Video card repair service Miami

The next step should be checking the physical condition of the Video card. For this step, we need to open the desktop casing or the laptop casing and check the motherboard. Fist inspect if the video card has been collecting dust and you have to clean the dust if you find that it’s not clean. The video card has to be wiped clean with a dry cloth. The video card needs to be placed in a cool and dry place. It is vital that it remains in a dust free environment. Dust collected in the video card heats up the video card and can cause it to function improperly. The next step would be to detach the video card from the motherboard and then place it back again firmly. This ensures that the video card has been placed firmly secured in the motherboard.

Checking the software, Checking the device manager and the startup manager, Video Card Repair Service Miami.

Now to open the device manager follow these steps:

Open Windows Control panel> System and Security> Device manager> Display adapters> Double click on your video card>Check the information under device status.

This should tell you if the device is working properly and if not it should tell about the warnings or the errors.

The sound that the CPU makes when starting the computer can tell if the problem is with the motherboard or the video card. Also if the screen turns completely blank the fault could be with the motherboard and not the graphics card.

Another step to Fix The Video Card is to uninstall and reinstall the video card drivers. Other than that you can upgrade the video card drivers and make sure that they are supported by the latest software available to you. You can try disabling and enabling the device for troubleshooting.

Finally, if none of that works the final steps come down to replacing the graphics card or choosing to repair the graphics card. Graphics card can be costly and repairing them from a good service provider can be a better choice. However, it is essential sure that the video card you are using is working properly.