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Your iPhone Is Your Companion, Safeguard It With Expert Help!

Your iPhone might as well be an extra appendage. When it’s not working, you rush to get it repaired, and it always takes too long. Whether you’re waiting in line at the Apple store and sitting around at home waiting for a warranty replacement, it’s never a quick and easy process. Wouldn’t it be easier to just walk into a shop, and get it fixed on the spot? That’s what we do at TechBar – expert iPhone repairs in Miami, usually in less than 30 minutes. We use only the best quality iPhone parts in Miami.

You Can Trust The Certified Tech Genies At TechBar

Our team of experts repairs your iPhone with their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. This affirms a lasting repair with expertise. This is exactly what makes us one of the leading organization to fix iPhone in Miami. Don’t let the love for your iPhone fade away only because it’s broken. Let us shower our professionals shower their expertise to recover it into a brand-new state. Our services cover every problem from an Lcd Screen Replacement to any other you may name, our technicians can handle every trouble. We believe that now you know where to make a stop when needing an IPhone Screen Repair In Miami. Also get a complimentary diagnostic and get your iPhone fixed quickly and easily.

Did we say Complimentary?
Yes, Absolutely. Get a complimentary consultation to discuss the best options to fix your iPhone if you live in Miami. Come, visit us today for iPhone screen repair in Miami.

Need your iPhone fixed right now?
We can fix any issues you’re having with your iPhone at our Miami location.

Cracked or Broken Screen
Replacement of the LCD and Glass, Display Issues, Lines on your screen, No display on the screen.

Battery Replacement
Phone dies after a short time, doesn’t charge properly, non-functioning battery

Water Damage Diagnostic
Dropped your phone in water, spilled liquid on phone, we’ll diagnose if it’s recoverable

Charging Port Replacement
Issues charging, or syncing with a computer. We’ll replace the charging port.

Diagnostic Check
Assess the phone for problems, and provide an estimate for the cost to repair issues.

Start From Scratch
Restore your iPhone to factory settings, with the clean copy of iOS operating system

Data Recovery
We’ll attempt to recover data from a damaged or unresponsive iPhone, and restore to another device.

Microphone / Speaker
Diagnose and repair issues with the microphone or speaker on your iPhone.

Need your iPhone fixed right now?

We can fix any issues your having with your iPhone at our Miami location.

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Over 3000+ Customers, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

Our #1 priority is an exceptional customer experience, from the minute you walk in.

Walked in while I was shopping in South Miami, and they fixed an issues I’ve had for months in 5 minutes! The best, I recommend them to everyone.

Rachel P.

I cracked the screen on my iPhone, and didn’t want to wait at the Apple store. TechBar fixed it in 20 minutes, while I walked around the mall. Great!

Marge L.

I dropped my iPhone in the ocean last weekend, and brought it to TechBar the same day. They saved all my photos, which was the most important thing.

Nathan E.

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TechBar is ranked among the top computer repair shops in Miami. Our focus on customer experience and quality service has earned us the prestegious Yelp Best Of award every year since we opened shop in February 2009. We have repaired nearly 5000+ devices for 3000+ customers, from all over the world. Our services include Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Mac Repair, iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, and IT Support for Small Businesses. Our retail store is located in thge heart of South Miami, near Sunset Place Mall, in the shopping plaza with blue awnings. Visit us today for a diagnostic check of your device and an instant estimate for your repair. We also offer in-home services for your laptop, including setting up a new laptop, connecting your printer, and setting up a wireless network. These in-home services are offered through South Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, Brickell, Downtown Miami, and throughout greater Miami as well.