In this digital scenario, your laptop might be one of the most important and useful devices, but this device can often experience certain issues. One of the most common of these is the laptop not charging properly or not getting charged even if it’s plugged in the charger. There can be several reasons that the device is not getting properly. This serious issue can make it very difficult for the user to use the device and can make it almost useless or valueless. This is the reason why it’s so important to fix this problem as soon as possible. But, resolving this problem requires you know the cause of the problem.  So, get ready guys, it’s time to troubleshoot the issue.

At TechBar Miami, we have found some common reasons that the laptop may not charge.


This is one of the most common reasons for your laptop not getting charged. In order to check whether the problem is actually with the laptop battery, you have to remove the battery from the device and try to plug it again. If your device powers on then the issue are with battery, but if not then look for some other problems.


It’s an issue where the area between the motherboard and the charging socket of the laptop is damaged. It can be caused by the constant tension from the power lead of the laptop while it’s getting charged. This occurs especially when you place the laptop constantly in the place when on a soft material, such as your lap, sofa or bed.


Another possible reason for the laptop not charging is possible burnouts or breaks inside the laptop. In order to check this, you have to check the power cord length, bending and flexing as you go about to check if there are some kinds of breaks. Make sure to check the ends of broken connections or wires. Don’t forget to see the AC brick to check if it’s discolored or not.


In most cases, laptops don’t get charged because of issues with laptop settings. To check this, you may need to see the control panel and see the power options. Also, see the plan settings and check if they are all rightly set. If not, correct the settings and plug in the laptop charger again to check if it’s working or not.


When your laptop is plugged in for charging with the power connector, make sure that the connection is strong. In case, it’s not strong and is shaky, then this could a common reason for the laptop not getting charged. Also, check the connector for discoloration or any burning smells.


So, the above given are the most common reasons for your laptop not getting charged. Yet there are several other possible problems that can arise with your laptop batteries and chargers. If you are facing any issue with your laptop, you must seek professional help. For laptop and computer repair, contact TechBar.