This is a digital era and people are becoming more advanced every day with the use of advanced tech devices. A laptop is one of the most used and popular tech devices in this modern world, and it has become an important part of everyone’s life. A laptop can afford you the best of both worlds with the greatest portability of a small tablet or a notebook but the larger expandable memory to keep all your files safe, like a PC. If you already have a laptop, you must be knowing the benefits of owning a portable device at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

Imagine your laptop randomly shut off when you are working on it, well it can be a quite distressing situation. Most users will first check the power source, which is quite obvious in order to see if that may be the reason.

Are you facing the face issue with your laptop? It true that the excessive use of laptops or computers can lead to random shut down and most of the users fail to understand the reason behind this issue. Well, there may be several reasons for this issue. But don’t stress! Our highly trained technicians will tell you some of the common reasons that can help you detect the issue and find relevant solutions.


The battery issue is a major reason for random shut off of your laptop. Battery issues mostly occur due to the excessive charging or after a considerable age of laptop. In case your laptop shut down suddenly without any reason, test the battery in order to check whether or not it’s working. If your battery is not working, you should purchase a new one as soon as possible. Before buying a new battery, make sure that the battery has the same current unit that your laptop requires, otherwise, it can lead to more laptop problems in the long run.


When you use your laptop continuously for long hours (7 to 8 hours), overheating issue can occur in this case.  This can also happen in case you are using the laptop in high-temperature place. Another major cause of overheating issue can be dust problem or because of cooling hardware. Laptop sometimes becomes really hot and the fans start throwing out hot air.  You should check the video card fans, processor fans and case fan in this case and get them clean if they are dusty. The fans will thank you for it and will extend your laptop life.


You cannot deny the fact that regular service of a laptop is utmost important for the well functioning of a laptop. Routine Servicing of a laptop greatly affects the overall function of it. With no service, there come severe issues. Therefore it’s mandatory to get your laptop serviced for fast processing. There are no other ways to resolve this laptop.

The above mentioned are some of the common reasons why your laptop shuts down randomly. If you are having such issues with your laptop, get in touch with us!  Our experienced team of technicians are true experts and will surely get your laptop functioning like new.