When you turn on your laptop in the early morning, do you have enough time to prepare a cup of tea while it starts up? Is your laptop so slow that you can easily walk around your yard waiting for a file to open? No one needs to be IT specialist or software engineers to use their laptops or computers efficiently. However, sometimes their laptops or PC do not seem to be efficient.  When your laptop starts it’s steady decline into tired and too slow speeds, the first thing you would like to do is get ready to purchase a new one. But the reality is there are several easy ways you can actually speed up your laptop.

There is nothing irritating than a sluggish laptop.  Your laptop’s or PC performance can be affected by a number of reasons, but Our engineers at TechBar will provide you effective ways to get your laptop up to speed. Rather than purchasing a fancy new machine, here is a list of a few tips to avoid an expensive new purchase by making your old laptop run faster.  


Programs running in the background is the most obvious reason for a laptop or Pc to run slowly. It is not limited to laptops or computers, even apps on your tablet or smartphone do this, too. You may think that you are browsing the web or reading email, but one or more than one open programs may be running in the background using that computing power. Close those programs that are not needed to you that time, but also remember to save documents you may be working on before you close them.


Sometimes speeding up your laptop or PC is as simple as closing programs not required and shutting down your laptop or PC. Our expert Technicians also recommend restarting your router and modem from time to time. As they are tiny-computers after all and a fast new start can often do magic. It is exactly the same as occasionally turning on and off your handset- it can easily reset and make your laptop run faster.


Random Access Memory or RAM, the temporary storage memory utilized by your laptop and is in use when different tasks are being executed by the number of programs. Thus, the more programs you will use, the more RAM you will require and the slower your laptop will be if you don’t have enough. A clear sign you don’t have enough RAM is if your laptop or PC slows down every time you process large files or documents. In that case, you should get add more RAM to your machine.


When your laptop or PC slows down, the first and most important thing is that your laptop is infected with a virus. It’s one of the least obvious reasons that your laptop has actually slowed. There are many ways to deal with a virus, but one of the most important ways is to use best antivirus programs and keep it updated.

To sum up, the above-mentioned tips by our Engineers will definitely help speed up your laptop or PC when running slowly. Our Engineers at TechBar help you repair a broken phone, set up a new laptop or computer, and can help you learn how to use your device better.