Laptop was one of the great upgradation in the field of technology as it was exactly the thing we were looking for in the past. Finally, you do not have to run all the way back to home just to fetch the document you forgot in your system.

Portability has made things lot more easier, now you can get started with your work anywhere anytime you want. Still, battery remained one of the most prior issue of laptop users.

Whenever you think of doing a official meeting at airport the very first thing you seek is charger and plugging point. Over the time we have noticed how laptop battery life start performing dull as the year passes by.

There are ways through which you can save the battery of your laptop for long and short running time. Here are some tips that will help you to get the work out from your laptop at the time of need :-

Go for hibernate mode

In windows pc, sleep and hibernate is two different terms mistakenly considered same by users oftenly. If you’re going out for few hours and don’t want your data to get lost then hibernate is the best option you should go for. In sleep mode, pc keep sending the data to ram which eventually kept the system loaded for resumption of work. On the other hand in hibernate, the entire system background function remain shut down except the hard disk in which the data gets stored. The time you turn on the pc it automatically send the data to ram for continuation.

Battery saving mode

It is one of the most basic thing that i don’t think anybody can ignore so simply. Almost, 90 percent of the windows laptop have battery saving maintenance tool which keep the battery of your laptop charged even when you are out. It can prevent usage of some apps and dim the brightness of your laptop but it saves the battery of your laptop for long run perfectly.

Cool it down

It is better to keep the laptop away from the heat as heating can affect the battery life badly. Try to keep the room temperature little warm while you are working on it. Avoid using the laptop on lap, clean the dust regularly. Moreover, if possible then purchase a laptop stand for the same.

Reduce the screen resolution

If you’re not watching high definition videos and movie on your laptop then i would suggest you to reduce the screen resolution to normal viewing. Mostly, the highest resolution of laptop is used to play the games and high definition movies. If your purpose is to use microsoft office or surfing then set the resolution to normal pixels. It will save more than half of the battery on a daily basis.  

Bottom line

Now. with the latest upgradation in windows, you have wide range of options to save the laptop battery. Do not forget to utilize the battery maintenance tool for power saving as well as keep the machine healthy and up to date for better performance.