Almost every year, smartphone manufacturers introduced many new devices.  Although, it is true that most of the smartphones are effective enough to be used for at least more than two to three years, there are some people who just have to get their hands on the greatest and latest smart devices, the moment they strike the market industry.

The smartphones age, then in terms of the features and performance. Just because your smartphone is old it does not mean it cannot be used, given to someone or is left lying in the cabinet. Instead of selling your spare smartphone, consider putting it to any of some good and useful tasks. You will be surprised at some of the feats your old discarded smartphone can perform.

Here is a list of some of the creative ways you can reuse your old smartphone.


Mostly all smartphones nowadays come with pretty good if you have a spare old smartphone lying around, use it as a surveillance device to keep an eye on your property ( home or office or anywhere else).   All you need to is to install an IP camera application and place your device wherever you want to keep an eye, but make sure that it’s connected to the internet at all times. Your discarded smartphone can be a really cool home security system while monitoring your home in your absence.  


Whether you are stuck in a bad traffic or traveling to a new place, having a GPS has now become a necessity nowadays. Download a mapping application and make sure that you have a USB port and a phone mount in your car, and you are good to go.


Using your old smartphone as a media player cannot only save space on your existing smartphone, but it can also save the overall battery. You just have to load it with streaming services available online and enjoy the music.


Gone are the days when children used to be happy with getting chocolates and toys. In this digital era, almost every kid wants a smartphone as soon as they grow. Being a parent if you don’t like the idea of giving a new expensive smartphone to your child, consider giving your old smartphone to him or her.


These days you can download more than thousands of games on your smartphone. So it’s a good idea to use your old device as a gaming device. You just have to pair your device with a mobile controller, as controls in the smartphone are not easy to play with. By doing this you can save space on your existing smartphone since you already have an exclusive gaming smartphone.


If you also have a spare old device lying inside your drawer, these were a few easy ways you can put it to useful and good tasks.

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