Day by day, technology is expanding vastly and becoming better at a very rapid pace. Iphone has raised the bar with its latest announcement for iphone X whereas Samsung has just released s8 which is considered as the best smartphone of this year by users. However, just a little mistake can damage your smartphone completely and lead you to the point where all the complications start rising in your head. Most of all, you tend to think: Should I replace my phone or repair it?

We spend dollars in purchasing smartphones but, when it gets damaged, our life literally  gets a setback and stops. In fact, all we can think about is what to do next with this device. In a hasty state of mind, we take certain wrong decisions and regret later: why did I not seek advice from anybody or to listen to the wise word of others? I could have replaced or repair my iphone rather than replacing it.

This article is a quick reality check about what to do with the device when  it starts creating trouble for you:-

Broken screen attracts trouble

One of the most common problems faced by smartphone owner is broken screen of the device. Accidental slip of your phone from hands can result in its initial damage i.e. broken screen. Nowadays, most of us always find ourselves in trouble when screen gets broken and ask ourselves should the phone be replaced or repair the screen. Here is the solution in that case, if you own a very expensive smartphone whose screen repair will cost you over $300 from service centre. All you need to do is get it fixed from any other reliable repair shop. In fact, you can even count on us as we provide the same service using the genuine products. In case, you bought your smartphone at a same price, then, the broken screen fix will cost you higher. In such a situation, you should definitely get it replaced.

Damage from water is dreadful

Smartphone being damaged by water is something which cannot usually be resolved easily. I don’t mean to say that water damage can’t be fixed, but, it is very tough in some cases. Suppose, your phone gets wet in the rain and stops functioning, then, there are chances, that, it can be fixed by only replacing or fixing few parts of it. On the contrary, if you end up dropping your phone in swimming pool, then, it is much easier for phone to get damaged completely and require lots of money for a fix. Well, if there there is still a chance to save your phone by spending  the least amount of money, then, we will definitely try to fix it. If we detect a severe irreparable damage, then, we advise you to replace it instead of spending money on its repair.  

Is it worth an upgrade

Most of you might not be facing the two problems I mentioned above. But, if you still want to replace your phone just for the sake of upgrading it, then, let me tell you it’s not worthwhile at times. Yes! Lagging problem or some camera issues can be resolved very easily by just upgrading your software version or if not, then, hand over your phone to us. We will make your phone better than ever. But, by purchasing a new device merely to switch to a higher version of the current device is not worth it.  A minor upgrade completely changes the configuration of device by resetting it to default. You don’t need to spend money just for the sake of new features. Save your money and spend it on buying  some accessories of your phone while making it more stylish instead of buying a new one.

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