We receive a mini heart attack when our phone falls down from our own hand accidentally and whole life starts tearing apart in seconds. Every person at least, once in a lifetime, experiences this tragic situation and feels this pain.

When this accidental fall of phone takes place, all these things we have read on internet about iphone starts revolving in our head and tend to irritate us as we don’t want to go through with the same.

Everything which you must have read online or heard from friends is not true. A lot of things are just hoax spread across by people who just want to scare others for their own fun. But, smartphone is our life, about which we can’t even tolerate a single mistake or wrongful information that can lead to our loss.

However, there are still a few common myths about iphone which are considered to be true by most of the people. In this article, I’m going to reveal 5 most common myths of iphone repair that are creating a lot of buzz among users from a long time:  

Myth# 1

It takes a long time to repair an iphone – Every person has this misconception about iphone repair that it takes a long time to repair one iphone regardless of the complexity of the problem. This is an absolute rumour which cannot be even considered once for iphone or any other smartphone. The problem will take its usual time to get resolved depending on its nature. Certain iphone problems can be solved at our store within 10 minutes. However, it depends on the nature of problem and the kind of expertise, our technician possesses.

Myth# 2

Iphone repair costs large amount of money – This is not true at all! Repairing of iphone totally depends on the cause due to which the problem arises. You can get a free estimate cost advice of repairing, if you want to know the same before handing over your iphone or smartphone to us for a repair service.

Myth# 3

Market value of phone goes down after a repair- Is there any written assurance or similar information available in apple manual that your iphone value will go down after you get it repaired by the shop. The quality material will never make your phone less valuable in the market. We believe in using original and quality products for replacement in our repair service. This takes us a step ahead in developing long-lasting relationship with the client.

Myth# 4

Replace iphone if you have insurance – Honestly speaking, replacing your device is not a good idea at all! If your phone gets stolen, then, it is important to utilize what you have paid for “insurance”.  However, if your phone screen gets damaged by accidental slip or due to any other reason, then, you should get it repaired. Some insurance company will cost you more than a repair in this scenario and secondly, once you have taken the insurance fund, even if it gets lost for the second time, you either need to renew insurance before a loss or buy a new phone from the market.  

Myth# 5

Solve minor problems by yourself – In this technology driven and web oriented world, everyone has an access to the internet and is able to solve minor software problems of smartphone on their own. But, if you come across something serious in your device, then, you should not even try to solve the problem by referring to the information available on internet. This attempt will mess up your smartphone, hence, it advised that you should get in touch with our repair shop. If the technicians find something minor which you can solve on your own, they will guide you on call. They will let you know how to fix the problem smoothly.

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