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We can tell you we’re the best till we’re blue in the face (and we will). But there’s no need, when our customers are happy to do the talking. TechBar is the most frequently reviewed repair business in South Florida, with 100+ reviews on every major review platform, including Yelp, Google, CitySearch, YellowPages, Angieslist, and several others. While we know we can’t please everyone, we believe in our customers sharing their honest experience working with TechBar. We want to ensure you have an incredible experience every time, so if there’s something we can do better, don’t hesistate to contact us.

Yelp Review: TechBar has the repair game on LOCK! Stellar service, competitive pricing and excellent communication. HIGHLY recommend.

Toma R.

Yelp Review: Great service from TechBar. Ivan and his team couldn’t be nicer, and their service is very prompt. Needed them to run a diagnostic on my PC and they had it done within a day. Highly recommended.

Matt A.

Yelp Review: I needed a quick solution to a technical problem. I was under the impression I would have to go into the store, take my equipment, wait around, etc. etc.  Instead, I shot Preemo an email & they responded within a few hours. Considering the disaster that my family & I normally are when it comes to anything computer -related, I know they will be on speed dial from now on.

Cristina S.

Yelp Review: I cannot say enough good things about TechBar, so I’ll keep it brief.

I was on vacation in Jamaica and had a work emergency…only to find my computer wasn’t working. I was in a remote spot but we had good wi-fi, so I Skype-d TechBar. One of the techs picked up and they remotely logged in to my computer. About 45 minutes later, all was good and the work crisis was averted. I got to enjoy the rest of my trip without worrying about losing that client (who will remain nameless).

For me, I go TechBar. There’s no alternative.

James S.

Yelp Review: Went in to fix my iPhone 6. It had a broken front face and back. FANTASTIC service. The Staff was very friendly and explained the process to me. Would highly recommend it.

Ulises O.

Yelp Review: Better service and knowledge than the apple store itself. TOP NOTCH! Had a 2015 MBP with battery problems… took it to the Apple store and they told me that they could not replace the battery (motherboard problems) and to just get a new laptop. they were giving me 100 dollars credit for my MBP. Then I found out about Techbar and they not only did a battery swap but they also fixed the motherboard issue (took a few days but hey, its a motherboard) for half the cost  of JUST changing the battery at the Apple store. Need I say more?

Jorge N.

Yelp Review: TechBar, in one word, is AMAZING!!! fixed all my computer issues (including those i didn’t know i had) for half the price of another quote i received!! highly recommend!!

Sara Z.

Yelp Review: TechBar did a primo job fixing my laptop screen. I use my laptop all the time and the guys over at TechBar knew exactly what was wrong,ordered the part next day, and got me back up and running super fast !! I’ll never go anywhere else. Thanks guys.

Mike T.

Yelp Review: Took my phone here with a shattered screen and received very helpful and efficient service–my screen was replaced and I was out the door in less than 15 minutes.

Gio A.