Whenever we bought a expensive smart device for ourselves, the only fear that revolves in our mind is water damaging. We carry this small device everywhere from kitchen to bathroom, in pool parties etc.

Whenever we dropped our phone in the depth of waters, our whole world got freezed for that time. Whenever the situation like this happen, we need to be very careful about certain things.

Carrying phone to every single place with us  increases the chances of phone ending up in the kitchen sink or inside the toilet seat. If you are also suffering from the same scenario then you just came to the right place.

In this article, i’m going to discuss the tips through which you can save the phone from water damage to least hopefully. Here are some useful information on how you can prevent the device from getting damaged by water.  

Take it out immediately

If you dropped your phone in the dirty kitchen sink or in toilet seat, don’t just seek for the tool to take the device out. Doesn’t matter where you dropped it, just get the device out from there immediately with your bare hands. It reduce the chances of device getting harmed by water also kept the device running in some cases. When you take the device out just keep the phone switch off for a while. If its on then turn it off immediately and put the device on a plain surface in a towel wrap.

Rip the device off

Disassemble the phone as soon as you take the phone out from water. Remove every single thing which can be taken out from the phone immediately. Such as phone cover, tempered glass, battery, sd card, sim card etc. now let the all parts dry on its own by leaving the phone for several hours out. If you are a experience tech person who is well aware about the device assembling then you can also take all the parts out from the phone on your own for drying. This will help the smartphone in recovering on its own with time.

Dry the parts

If the water damage is heavy then you need to soak the water by yourself. There are several ways through which you can suck the water out. One of the easiest way is vacuum cleaner. Just make sure that it does not cause too much disturbance to smartphone as well as use the small one not the big one which is used for house cleaning.

In addition to this, you also have an option to keep the device in the tank of rice for the soaking. In this case, you need to keep the device covered with the rice for two to three days without using.


In most of the cases, you will get the solution of your problem through these steps. If the damage is deep then there is no other way except taking the device to some repair shop for the repairing.