In today’s digital era, smartphones have become the most powerful and essential devices that allow millions of people to perform several important days to day tasks from reading a book to finding the job online and staying connected with your loved ones. These technology devices also often contain a large amount of sensitive data and confidential data, including images, videos, and contents of your text and email communications. It is vital, therefore, to keep your smartphones safe and protected from online criminals and hackers. Also, taking an immediate right action is important if your device is breached.

But, how can you tell your device has been compromised? In order to help you reduce the potential risks, our professionals at Tech Bar has decided to share a few symptoms to look out for:


If you overcharge your smartphone, use apps or play a lot of games on it, it’s normal for it to get warm or heated up. However, if you are not using your device for anything other than calling or using regular apps, and still noticing an unusual temperature of the battery, then it may be because of the spy software running in the background. This is not good for your device as depending on the kind of spy software it is, chances are you could lose all the data and important information stored in your device.


If you often notice your smartphone giving out strange sounds or noises during the voice calls though it never happened before, it’s a clear sign that your device has been hacked. Also, this suspicious situation indicates that someone might be intruding your personal conversation without your knowledge.


When you turn off or restart your smartphone and find it behaving in unusual ways like delay in shutting down or even refusal of a device to shut down, it’s a clear indication of some kind of wrong activity going on your smartphone and this could be a sign that your device has been hacked. However, these problems may also be because of hardware or software problems.


If you are noticing an increase in your normal data usage, it’s probably one of the clear indication that spy apps running on the background are eating up extra data to send information and data collected from your device. So, it’s always better to take a correct action by looking out for the reasons behind the unexplained increase in your monthly data usage.

These are the four signs which are indicative of the fact if your smartphone is hacked. So, pay heed to it in order to keep your device safe and protected.

If your smartphone has been hacked or infected with a virus, bring it to us at Tech Bar for an expert inspection and right solution.