Whenever our smartphone screen got cracked, the very first thought that comes in our mind is “purchase”. Obviously it’s a human nature, we all desire to get our hands on new smart device as soon as it gets launched.

Replacing always seems like a better option than repairing as it attract people towards it very quickly. Still, one needs to take a look at various of aspects before jumping to an conclusion. Replacing isn’t a cheap deal, you have to pay heavy amount of price to get the shiny device.

The decision is not that easy, so what to do when smartphone start performing dull or screen get bashed?. Don’t worry , i’m going to make things little easier for you through this article.

Here, I will be going to discuss wide range of aspects that one needs to look for and how one should make a decision. Here take a look at complete guideline on which option is better “replace or repair” according to your situation.

Look whether buying is an upgrade or not?

Doesn’t matter in which year you purchased your smartphone or from past how many years you are using the device. If it is in working condition and can be repaired in reasonable amount of price then i would prefer you go for it undoubtedly. Especially, when the device you’re thinking to purchase next is not a good upgrade compare to the one you’re currently using. Every new device can’t be declared as a good upgrade, the small changes do not make a huge difference to the little pocket devices. Compare whether the purchase you’re going to make worth the money or not.

Compare every aspect

So, if you think of a replace over repair then start looking for the best price for your old smartphone. There are online sites which are providing option to people with a broken cell phone a chance to sell the device on their website. Trust me, people give good amount of price to devices like these too. If the decision is to get the device fixed from some repair shop or service centre then i will advise you to compare the price of repair  online. Also, look whether spending money on repairing is useful or not?

Time and money  

I understand how crucial role the smartphone is playing in our lives. This little device consist of everything that one may be needing to perform his/her daily job. So, do make sure that repairing will not take long period of time as it will become difficult for you to survive the gap. Money is also a major factor that you can’t ignore, if repairing is costing you too much money that you do not feel worth spending for as device is older. Then, go for a replace but the upgrade should be good if you are taking this decision.

Keep all those above points in mind whenever you face a issue with your smartphone.The average life of any smartphone is somewhere between 3 to 4 years, the advancement is going at a rapid pace. If you feel the smartphone is dead from inside as well as outside then choose a replace any day as there is no point of extending further with no life.