Let Us Talk About A Few Facts Related To Your Apple Macbook

The Audience

The original MacBook Air – in simple terms – it was thin, it was really expensive, and it was all underpowered so essentially the target audience for that one was the business users that needed something light and portable for emails when traveling pretty much. Around 2010 they went full flat storage and yes, it was definitely a huge change.

Though over the years the MacBook Air became more powerful cheaper and also had supposedly better battery life. While the last generation had an insane battery life, you could even get 12 hours or even more out of it. Because of this and also considering the fact that it was Apple’s lowest price Mac, a large population from the student generation actually bought this which is how it ended up being at the target audience. But today, for the previous generation MacBook students this year’s MacBook Air is actually more expensive than the previous generation which starts at $1,200 versus $1,000 and is also available with 3 Thunderbolt Port just like the MacBook Pro. If you are considering to get your old Miami Mac repaired, come visit us at TechBar in South Miami and we can help you get the best out of your Apple machine.

Battery Life

Today, the Macbook’s battery life is absolutely amazing wherein you can get up to 13 hours of video playback in iTunes which is great because the previous model only had up to 12 hours. This is possible thanks to the low-power 7 watt processor. The new Mac also comes with the Apple T2 processor with a Core Processor that’s inside the MacBook Pros and the iMac Pro.

At TechBar we can help you with storage encryption and getting the best out of your Macbook. We highly recommend storage encryption wherein the SSD speeds can get better and the boot sequence is handled by a processor to get secure boots. It also turns off the microphone when the Mac is closed the microphones are automatically turned off by the T2 processor so that hackers can’t spy on you.

Made From 100% Recycled Aluminum

The new MacBook is made up of old iPhones and iPads. It’s made from 100% recycled aluminum 6000 series aluminum just like on the iPhone 6S. If you ever recycled one of your old iPhones it’s good to know that it is being used in a great way.
New Speakers

Apple’s built-in speakers, in fact, they are some of the best laptop speakers out there and with the 2018 MacBook Pro even better Apple has clearly learned a few new audio tricks like the airpods and of course the home pod so you’re talking about a great sounding speakers although MacBook Pro volume is not any louder than it has been in the past. Though Apple seems to be working on improving the volume on the MacBook speakers, so you can definitely look forward to that or should we say listen out for it.