Taking Dictation

Your computer can take dictation given that you allow it to hear you talking as you set up Word to allow for this function. Dictation is useful for blind people who cannot see the words on the screen. Dictation is pretty much useful for many though. Being able to set up your computer for dictation is a useful skill. To set up dictation you have to click into a text area in your already open Word document. If you double-press the Fn key, a microphone will appear on the screen that is receiving audio that will let you speak the text you want to type. When you finish with speaking the punctuation you want to type into the file, you click done under the microphone icon or press the Fn key once. The key to using dictation is to use it enough so that it picks up the accent and cadence in your voice.

You Can Send and Receive Texts on Mac

You can receive SMS texts via your Mac as well as your iPhone. In a newer model Mac, that is, your friends can send you texts all they want. The way to get this to work is to sign in with the same iMessage account that also has your phone number linked as you click on Text Message Forwarding from your Mac settings. You can start messaging your friends by enabling group chats. You can add or remove someone from any group chat. All you have to do is sign into your Mac with the same iMessage that has your account linked. Just follow the directions Mac Miami South Beach can give to you.

Digitally Signed Documents

You can save a digital signature on your Mac, which can open up to be dropped into whatever documents need signing from say, Adobe Reader. You have to start it off by signing a white paper in black ink with your usual signature. You launch preview on the Mac while opening the Preferences Menu in order to click on signatures. You can customize your short cuts so you can have something saved for future use.

These are three things that a Mac can do that you didn’t know about. Taking dictation is useful for an injured person so they can write through dictation voice work. You can send and receive texts on Mac, which is something most people do not know about. You can also digitally sign documents, that is also something that many do not know that a Mac can do, and that you can also scan a signature into the computer with a properly set up scanner. Mac Miami South Beach can help configure your Mac for all these new settings you didn’t know about. Macs are very versatile computers that can hold their own. The Mac is intuitive to use while PCs are built with the assumption that somebody knows how to use the computer, just barely. PCs are great, sure but they require you use the instruction manual too much, just consult Mac Miami South Beach.