Congrats! You just got yourself that brand new iPhone! It’s so sleek, smooth, and shiny. Nothing like that slow garbage phone you were forced to use before this beauty. Why did your last phone get so slow? Sure cosmetically it’s just a matter of time before it starts to look worn down, but was there anything you could have done to extend its life when it was at peak condition? The answer is: Yes!

There’s plenty you can do to ensure you get the maximum performance and speed out of your iPhone Parts Miami for as long as possible. Performing regular maintenance tasks is absolutely essential to the longevity of your phone.

Let’s start with some maintenance tips that’ll help keep your sparkly new iPhone looking clean and working great!

Grungy Ports and Jacks

Having difficulty charging your phone? It could be just be dust preventing your Lightning port from making a good connection. Start by getting your SIM removal tool or a toothpick. Be gentle! We’re not digging for gold! Gently dislodge any gunk and dirt. If you have any canned air lying around, use a few puffs to blow out anything left over after you’re done. Keep the can close to the charging port, but DO NOT put the nozzle inside. If you have issues even after this, you could have a hardware issue.

If your new iPhone is an iPhone 6s or earlier, then you still have that wonderful headphone jack. Be sure to clean it out often to prevent dust and stuff from nestling in there. To clean out the headphone jack, you can use the canned air method we talked about before.

Clogged Speaker and Microphone

Find yourself repeating yourself on calls or can’t hear who’s on the other end of the line? It’s probably not a medical issue…probably. All the audio going in and out of your phone through those small holes in your iPhone Parts Miami can easily get blocked by dirt, dust, or even food particles if you talk with food in your mouth! Start by grabbing a soft toothbrush and gently scrub over the holes to loosen any debris. Then, use a piece of sticky tape and press it over the holes to collect the dust. DO NOT use canned or compressed air here. Doing so can potentially blow out the sensitive membranes of the speaker and microphone.

Dirty Phone

Let’s face the facts: phones are dirty. They are riddled with germs and we lovingly squish our phones right up to our faces. Giving your iPhone a nice wipe down a soft, damp, lint-free cloth. Careful not to get any water in the ports, in between buttons, and in any other gaps and openings. Avoid using anything that’s abrasive. Your new iPhone is coated in a special fingerprint-resistant oil repellent. Remember that it’s natural to see it wear down over time, but if you scrub too hard you could remove this coating much sooner than intended.

Battery Troubles

I would say the biggest issue I keep hearing from people is regarding battery life. It can be a pain in the butt trying to make your battery last all day. As you and your phone grow old together, battery life is guaranteed to only get worse. One solution to slow down this inevitable outcome is to re-calibrate your iPhone Parts Miami battery. This can help your battery drain more slowly and increase its lifespan.

Battery Re-Calibration Steps

1. DRAIN – Drain the battery until the device shuts off.
2. CHARGE – Plug in your iPhone and wait for it to power up. Charge your iPhone to one hundred percent. Let it charge for a minimum of five hours. Be sure to use the charging cord that came with your iPhone so you are running at the right wattage and amperage.
3. RESET – Once your iPhone has booted up, hold down the sleep/wake and home buttons until you see the Apple logo. You’re all set!

Calibration often helps, but it won’t fix all your battery problems. If calibration doesn’t fix your iPhone’s battery issue, it could be time to replace your old, damaged, or faulty battery.

Free Up Space & Back It Up!

Taking lots of photos and videos on your brand spanking new iPhone? Yeah, you know where I’m going with this. Storage fills up fast. Start cleaning up by deleting unwanted video, pictures, apps etc. You don’t want to see that dreaded ”insufficient space” message and then be forced to make a quick decision between deleting old picture and the one you really want to take right now! Spend some time every week going through that week’s media. Don’t forget to clear out browser search data, old unused apps, and remove offline files.

In addition to deleting, you could always just move it somewhere else! Invest in an external hard drive and back up all those precious memories and documents. You can also use iTunes or iCloud to back up your iPhone.

On & Off

The cornerstone of all tech support. Why? Well, because it fixes a lot of issues! When was the last time you actually restarted your iPhone? If you aren’t used to calibrating your battery the way I described above, then you probably don’t restart very often. Restarting your phone has many benefits, including fixing memory issues, frees up RAM (memory), prevents crashes, and improves battery life.